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The very newest bios on the site (2017)

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There are currently over 2,000 bios on the original Cushing's website and are slowly being converted to the newer format.

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New Bio December 10, 2017
J Stone (J Stone)
J Stone is from Boise, Idaho. Her journey started in 2009 with weight gain, headaches, high blood pressure, mood changes, insomnia every symptom except stretch marks. Her nursing instructor asked “do you have Cushing's?” Those words changed her life.

She has had two pituitary surgeries and is considering a BLA (bilateral adrenalectomy)

New Bio November 24, 2017
Moxie G (MoxieGarrett)
is from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She is Post Surgery: 9mm secreting pituitary tumour, Cushings Disease, Diabetes 2

New Bio October 24, 2017
is from Canada. Her symptoms onset at a time where her lifestyle was out of control. She was drinking heavily, using drugs and didn't have a care in the world. When meeting with a new family doctor (after getting sober) all of the focus was put onto her recovery and mental health Diagnosed with bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety and prescribed meds for all of the above but she didn't have these problems before the physical symptoms onset.

New Bio October 21, 2017
Courtnay P (Courtnay)
is from Canada. She thinks she has Cushing's Disease caused by a pituitary tumor but doctors won't send her for an MRI.

Golden Oldie Bio October 16, 2017
Cathy Tia
is from Wellington, New Zealand and had the left side of her pituitary gland removed and a BLA. Cathy has been through 2 cycles of IVF fertility treatment and the second one worked. She had a baby girl. Cathy updated her bio in September 2009. She has another new 5mm tumour on the right side of her pituitary gland. She has Nelsons Syndrome and Addison's after having both adrenals removed. They want to give her radiation and she's looking for suggestions.

New Bio September 28, 2017
was diagnosed with Cushings Syndrome, following an MRI scan. It emerged that a tumor on her pituitary gland was causing an excess production of cortisol, the stress-relieving hormone.

New Bio September 28, 2017
Faith's Husband.
Faith and her husband are from Peabody, MA. Her husband has Cushings, has had 2 pituitary surgeries, radiation, and is still not any better.

New Bio September 13, 2017
Christine G
is from Loudonville, New York. It took her approximately 6 years o be diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease. Her insurance company denied out of network coverage. She did not feel comfortable with any local surgeons because of the lack of surgical experience with Cushing’s Disease so Dr. Swearingen at Mass General performed her surgery.

In Memory August 29, 2017
Cassandra Dills-Dailey
. Casey Dailey, age 38, was fighting Cushing's disease, a pituitary gland disorder often caused by a tumor creating excess cortisol. She had surgery Aug. 23 and went home the next day. Over the following weekend, she began feeling sick. She vomited, sometimes with blood. Then, she couldn't stand or talk, relatives said. A high fever started Sunday, after floodwaters surrounded her home, and she became unresponsive.

New Bio August 24, 2017
Janice B
is from St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. She had pituitary surgery on April 2013 and had an adrenal crisis while on vacation. She has a recurrence, possibly due to too much prednisone.

New Bio August 18, 2017
Lynne (jim4lynne)
is from the United Kingdom. Her Cushing's has been caused by corticosteroids. She has been on steroids or 40 years daily.for severe brittle asthma. She has been on prednisolone and IV steroids on hospital admissions for years.

New Bio August 12, 2017
Vicky (Vicjy)
is from Florida. She thinks her symptoms started about 3 years ago. Vicky recently had adrenal surgery for a left adrenal adenoma.

New Bio July 28, 2017
Paul M (Paul)
is from Boston Massachusetts. He was diagnosed with Cushing's Disease 4 years ago and has had pituitary surgery. Four years later he feels almost as bad most days as before the surgery.

New Bio July 25, 2017
Crystal (Crystal)
is from Oregon. She was finally diagnosed with Cushing's Disease (excreting pituitary tumor) in April 2017.

Golden Oldie Bio July 23, 2017
Mary S (ladysslipper)
is from Frostburg, Maryland. She recently completed a clinical trial at NIH because of an adrenal nodule. She also has hyperplasia of both adrenals and primary hyperaldosteronism as well as elevated cortisol.

New Bio July 16, 2017
Suzanne (Suzanna)
is from Nottingham, England. She is not yet diagnosed but test results show high cortisol. She asked her GP if her contraceptive (Yaz) could be causing her symptoms and he said no.

New Bio July 13, 2017
is from Seattle, WA. She is not yet diagnosed but her Cushing's symptoms started about 2 years ago. She a student at The Juilliard School in New York studying Dance.

Golden Oldie Bio July 8, 2017
Renee (rmaxwell)
is from the Los Angeles area of California. She is not yet diagnosed but has many symptoms.

New Bio July 7, 2017
Alex C
is from San Antonio TX. He is not yet diagnosed but has had Cushing's symptoms for five years. His cortisol levels are very high.

New Bio July 3, 2017
Crystal T
is from Alabama. She is not yet diagnosed but has had Cushing's symptoms for three years.

In Memory June 28, 2017
Kalyn Allen
. Kalyn was only 41 when she died on June 28, 2017. She had recently had pituitary surgery.

Golden Oldie Bio June 27, 2017
Lisann (lisann)
is from St. Louis, Missouri. She is not yet diagnosed with Cushing's but she is testing. She has an adenoma, is a long-time hydrocortisone user and has Graves Disease.

Golden Oldie Bio June 25, 2017
Margaret (Margaret)
is from SW, Virginia. She has recently been diagnosed with Cushing's Disease. She is scheduling an IPSS.

New Bio June 24, 2017
MaryO ~ Growth Hormone Update
Going back on Growth Hormone? I've been dealing with Cushing's since 1983.  The after effects of pituitary surgery since 1987, kidney cancer since 2006.  It's time I felt better, already!

New Bio June 9, 2017
Marie C (MarieConleyHbg)
is from Elizabethtown, PA. She was diagnosed with pituitary Marie was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease. She has fought through dozens of hospital stays and numerous surgeries – including pituitary surgery and a BLA.

New Bio June 7, 2017
Vic (Tori276)
is from London, UK. She has had symptoms for the last 8 years and has used hydrocortisone on her face daily for 26 years. She is awaiting test results.

Golden Oldie Bio May 25, 2017
Melissa (Melissa)
is from Franklin, Kentucky. She had a pituitary tumor removed but had symptoms return after 10 years.

Golden Oldie Bio May 21, 2017
had adrenal surgery (BLA) in 1974. She was also interviewed in BlogTalkRadio.

New Bio May 18, 2017
is from Toronto, Canada. She has been having Cushing's symptoms since May-Aug 2013 when she was 17-18. A T3 MRI of her pituitary showed an enlargement right side pituitary.

Golden Oldie Bio May 15, 2017
Kathryn (Kathryn)
is from West Yorkshire, England. She had a pituitary adenoma removed and is on replacement of cortisol, thyroxine and soon to be on growth hormone. She was to be having a hip replacement.

New Bio May 15, 2017
Victoria (Victoria)
is from Texas and just finished her first year of college. She has many Cushing's symptoms and is awaiting results of blood and urine testing.

Golden Oldie Bio May 5, 2017
JoAnn (Flojo3)
is from Thunder Bay, Canada. During a kidney ultrasound it was found that JoAnn has an abnormality in her adrenal glands.

Golden Oldie Bio May 1, 2017
Aimee (Daggersmom)
is the daughter of a Cushing's patient, Pat. Pat was due to have a BLA in February 2008. She has also had two back fusions, two knee replacements, pituitary surgery, gamma knife and chemical treatment.

New Bio April 21, 2017
Natalie Stokes
, of Saint Agnes Close in Studley, suffers from Cushing’s disease, a condition where the body produces excess steroid hormones. She had her disability benefits withdrawn eight weeks ago.

New Bio April 18, 2017
suffers from ultra-rare Cushing's syndrome which causes high levels of the hormone Cortisol - a steroid that regulates the metabolism and immune system.

New Bio April 3, 2017
is from Elgin, Illinois. She is not yet diagnosed but has many symptoms. Her symptoms lead her to believe that she has Cushing’s Syndrome, Adrenal Fatigue, or Pheochromocytoma, or maybe a mixture of all 3. She has had these symptoms for around 16 years.

Golden Oldie Bio April 2, 2017
Jennifer (jqatar07)
is from Doha, Qatar. She is not yet diagnosed with Cushing's but has many symptoms. She has been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and she takes Toprol XL for heart palpitations. She will see a Cushing's Expert in Dubai UAE in November. Jennifer updated her bio after seeing an endocrinologist in Dubai UAE. Two pituitary tumors were found and the endo referred her to see Dr. Bill Ludlam.

Golden Oldie Bio April 1, 2017
iJ (Gonzo)
is from Michigan. She was misdiagnosed several times before 2001. J had an MRI that showed a 2-3 mm micro adenoma on her pituitary and she took Ketoconazole for several years.

Golden Oldie Bio March 31, 2017
imbolcgirl (imbolcgirl)
is from Ohio. She his not yet diagnosed with Cushing's but has many symptoms.

New Bio March 22, 2017
is from Las Vegas, NV. He has used inhalers for about 20 years and has developed several symptoms that sound like Cushing's. His doctors all dismiss the idea that the inhalers caused his problems.

Golden Oldie Bio March 14, 2017
Jody (jodiann)
is from Tacoma, Washington. She was diagnosed with Cushing's syndrome about 3 years ago. She also was diagnosed with bliateral multinodular adrenal hyperplasia. Her mom died from complications from a b Jody updated her bio in December 2007 and January 2008.

Golden Oldie Bio March 13, 2017
April (April)
is from Jacksonville, Florida. She is not yet diagnosed with Cushing's but has a PCOS diagnosis.

New Bio March 6, 2017
Vickie P
first noticed she was gaining weight back in October 2015. She has had two pituitary surgeries since then.

Golden Oldie Bio February 26, 2017
Kathleen (irishlass)
is from Wisconsin. She had a transphenoidal pituitary resection December 5, 2007. A recent MRI revealed a good portion of the tumor remains.

New Bio February 19, 2017
Necessary Silence
is from the UK. She is not yet diagnosed with Cushing's but has many symptoms. She is keeping a video series on Youtube called Medical Adventures.

Golden Oldie Bio February 18, 2017
Mandy (Mandy)
is from Southend on Sea, England. She had several diagnoses and had seen a vast array of medical personnel. She was diagnosed with PCOS but not yet with Cushing's.

Golden Oldie Bio February 10, 2017
has been diagnosed with both an adrenal tumor and a pituitary tumor but she has not yet been diagnosed with Cushing's

Golden Oldie Bio February 8, 2017
Jules (Jules)
is from Broussard, Louisiana. She had a duodenal ulcer at age 10 and has been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. An MRI has recently revealed a pituitary tumor.

New Bio February 7, 2017
Stephanie (Stephanie)
is from Fairbanks, AK. She had her first transsphenoidal surgery in Aug 2016 that removed the bulk of the macroadema, but there was still elevated cortisol and they found some cyst left. Just had the second surgery January 2017 and still has symptoms of Cushing's Disease.

Golden Oldie Bio February 6, 2017
Kathleen (ForegoneLegacy)
is from Chambersburg, PA. She had two pituitary tumors removed 8/22/08 and she's still not feeling any better. Over the last 10 years she has been Cushing's, Lyme, lupus, endometriosis, sinus tachycardia, fibromyalgia, arthritis and asthma.

New Bio February 5, 2017
Lisa (Lisa)
is from New York. She is not yet diagnosed with Cushing's but she has many symptoms, hypothyroidism and a tiny adenoma on her left adrenal gland.

Golden Oldie Bio February 5, 2017
Kandis (Kandis)
is from Frederick, Maryland. She had a transphenoidal that was unsuccessful followed by a BLA (bilateral adrenalectomy).

Golden Oldie Bio February 4, 2017
Jenny (Jenny)
is from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her doctor referred her to an Endo and her appointment was be at the end of January 2008.

New Bio February 1, 2017
Sophie M (Sophie)
is from Caen, France. She was recently diagnosed with Cushing's Disease but still needs some testing done.

New Bio January 30, 2017
Annette S (Annette)
is from Chattanooga, TN. She has many Cushing's symptoms but is not yet diagnosed. She was diagnosed as insulin resistant and as of recent was told she is not insulin resistant.

In Memory January 29, 2017
Melissa (Missy) Young
. Missy had been a member of the online Cushing's community for a long time and was well known to many.

New Bio January 7, 2017
Correy D (Cushie Correy)
is from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She posted a very extensive bio of her experiences with transsphenoidal surgery, recurrence, and Signifor.

New Bio January 6, 2017
Angie T (Angie)
is from Alamo, GA. She started gaining a lot of weight in 2015 thought it was from taking insulin for her diabetes. She has a pituitary tumor and is looking for an in-network surgeon.

In Memory January 4, 2017
Malia Kenney
. She had been dealing with Cushing's Disease for the past 18 years or so.

Golden Oldie Bio January 2, 2017
Lynn M
. Lynn M's left adrenal gland was removed on Nov 29, 2000.

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