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The very newest bios on the site (2017)

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There are currently over 1,850 bios on the original Cushing's website and are slowly being converted to the newer format.

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Golden Oldie Bio February 26, 2017
Kathleen (irishlass)
is from Wisconsin. She had a transphenoidal pituitary resection December 5, 2007. A recent MRI revealed a good portion of the tumor remains.

New Bio February 19, 2017
Necessary Silence
is from the UK. She is not yet diagnosed with Cushing's but has many symptoms. She is keeping a video series on Youtube called Medical Adventures.

Golden Oldie Bio February 18, 2017
Mandy (Mandy)
is from Southend on Sea, England. She had several diagnoses and had seen a vast array of medical personnel. She was diagnosed with PCOS but not yet with Cushing's.

Golden Oldie Bio February 10, 2017
has been diagnosed with both an adrenal tumor and a pituitary tumor but she has not yet been diagnosed with Cushing's

Golden Oldie Bio February 8, 2017
Jules (Jules)
is from Broussard, Louisiana. She had a duodenal ulcer at age 10 and has been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. An MRI has recently revealed a pituitary tumor.

New Bio February 7, 2017
Stephanie (Stephanie)
is from Fairbanks, AK. She had her first transsphenoidal surgery in Aug 2016 that removed the bulk of the macroadema, but there was still elevated cortisol and they found some cyst left. Just had the second surgery January 2017 and still has symptoms of Cushing's Disease.

Golden Oldie Bio February 6, 2017
Kathleen (ForegoneLegacy)
is from Chambersburg, PA. She had two pituitary tumors removed 8/22/08 and she's still not feeling any better. Over the last 10 years she has been Cushing's, Lyme, lupus, endometriosis, sinus tachycardia, fibromyalgia, arthritis and asthma.

New Bio February 5, 2017
Lisa (Lisa)
is from New York. She is not yet diagnosed with Cushing's but she has many symptoms, hypothyroidism and a tiny adenoma on her left adrenal gland.

Golden Oldie Bio February 5, 2017
Kandis (Kandis)
is from Frederick, Maryland. She had a transphenoidal that was unsuccessful followed by a BLA (bilateral adrenalectomy).

Golden Oldie Bio February 4, 2017
Jenny (Jenny)
is from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her doctor referred her to an Endo and her appointment was be at the end of January 2008.

New Bio February 1, 2017
Sophie M (Sophie)
is from Caen, France. She was recently diagnosed with Cushing's Disease but still needs some testing done.

New Bio January 30, 2017
Annette S (Annette)
is from Chattanooga, TN. She has many Cushing's symptoms but is not yet diagnosed. She was diagnosed as insulin resistant and as of recent was told she is not insulin resistant.

In Memory January 29, 2017
Melissa (Missy) Young
. Missy had been a member of the online Cushing's community for a long time and was well known to many.

New Bio January 7, 2017
Correy D (Cushie Correy)
is from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She posted a very extensive bio of her experiences with transsphenoidal surgery, recurrence, and Signifor.

New Bio January 6, 2017
Angie T (Angie)
is from Alamo, GA. She started gaining a lot of weight in 2015 thought it was from taking insulin for her diabetes. She has a pituitary tumor and is looking for an in-network surgeon.

In Memory January 4, 2017
Malia Kenney
. She had been dealing with Cushing's Disease for the past 18 years or so.

Golden Oldie Bio January 2, 2017
Lynn M
. Lynn M's left adrenal gland was removed on Nov 29, 2000.

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