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The very newest bios on the site (2015)

Newest Bios:
There are currently over 2,000 bios on the original Cushing's website and are slowly being converted to the newer format.

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New Bio December 12, 2015
Neale O (NealeO)
is from Baltimore, MD. He diagnosed with Cushing's Disease in September of 2015. Dr. Salvatori at John's Hopkins Hospital has started him on Ketoconozale before resorting to a pituitary surgery.

New Bio November 20, 2015
is from South Africa. She has recently had a left adrenalectomy and is interested in hearing from others.

New Bio November 16, 2015
Roseglass (Roseglass)
is from Windsor, Ontario Canada. She has been diagnosed with a pheochromocytoma (adrenal tumor) as well as Cushing's. She has also had a stroke, at least one TIA, and a heart attack.

New Bio November 13, 2015
Jane (Jane)
is from Oklahoma. She is a retired nurse who has been diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome. She has many Cushing's symptoms, a suspicion of a pituitary adenoma and is testing now.

New Bio November 12, 2015
Vicki (Pugmom)
is from San Diego, CA. She writes: "I am a recent transplant to San Diego and I am looking for a Cushings support group. I acquired adrenal insufficiency and Cushings about 3 years ago. I was given large amounts of steroids for numerous sinus infections, pneumonia, and bronchitis. I am 61. I am trying to find an on-line or actual support group for Cushings folks or adrenal insufficiency. The last 3 years have been full of illness, numerous hospital stays, and a lonely road...." Vicki updated her bio 1/23/2016

New Bio November 11, 2015
Amy (Amy)
is from Montana. She writes: "I have been going back and forth on whether to add a bio here because I don’t yet have a diagnosis. Also, it is really difficult to believe in myself sometimes and occasionally I feel relatively good. Some members of my family don’t support or believe me, but my husband is incredibly supportive and has been with me since my symptoms first started. My sister and my dad have both said to me that they don’t think anything is wrong with me and either implied of outright said that I am just depressed..."

In Memory November 4, 2015
Erin Lee Rechel Pugh
, from Canton, Ohio. Send condolences to 347 Noah Ave. Akron, OH 44320.

New Bio November 2, 2015
is from Raleigh, NC. She has high cortisol following many stressful life events.

In Memory November 2, 2015
Robert Brown
, from Vancouver, Oregon

New Bio October 31, 2015
Meriam S (Jomisa03)
is from Fairfield, CA. She has recovered since her pituitary surgery in August 2013 but has developed thyroid issues post-op and is worried that her Cushing’s will come back.

Updated Bio October 17, 2015
Louise (Louise)
updated her bio after being diagnosed with Iatrogenic Cushing’s disease.

New Bio October 14, 2015
Pamela J (IndigoMoon)
is from Salt Lake City, Utah. She recently discovered she has very high cortisol, and her doctor mentioned Cushing's.

In Memory October 14, 2015
. Upon getting the pre-op work ready for her IPSS, Martha had another abnormal EKG and she was sent for a chemically induced stress test. During the stress test, she said she became very, very sleepy and the nurse asked if she was ok. A few days after the test she became very dizzy and briefly passed out in the kitchen but refused to go to the hospital. She was so tired of being poked, prodded and not getting anywhere with any answers.

On October 14, 2008, the day before she was to get the results of the EKG, Martha died.

Golden Oldie Bio October 13, 2015
is from Vancouver, Washington. He had pituitary surgery 12/15/05 but they were not able to get it all. He has had 33 treatments of radiation in April/May 2006 and is now back on Ketaconozole.

In Memory October 12, 2015
Bonny Hamm
. Bonny was only 45 at the time of her death October 12, 2009. She had had her left Adrenal Gland and its tumor removed in June 2000. Then, two and a half years later another tumor even though the gland was gone.

In Memory October 11, 2015
Barbara "Cookie" Rothenberg
. Cookie died October 11, 2003. She had a pituitary tumor, recurrence, BLA, PCOS, radiation... Cookie touched a lot of lives. I would get these perky, cheerful and witty emails. It is terrible to lose her. She has left such a legacy, though, that she will go on touching lives for many years to come. She loved people and wanted to make a difference in the lives of those who suffer from Cushing's. She touched many hearts, I know she touched mine.

Golden Oldie Bio October 10, 2015
was diagnosed with hypothyroid 25 years ago and is testing for prolactin and Cushing's.

Golden Oldie Bio October 5, 2015
had ectopic Cushing's caused by a lung tumor. She had surgery in September, 1987 but her symptoms came back. She was then diagnosed with an Ectopic tumor and had a BLA in Sept 2005.

Golden Oldie Bio October 4, 2015
had Cyclic Cushing's, Acromegaly, pituitary surgery and a Bilateral Adrenalectomy (BLA). She is recovering slowly but surely.

Golden Oldie Bio October 4, 2015
Edith T
is from Squamish, British Columbia, Canada. She had unsuccessful pituitary (transsphenoidal) surgery June 2000, and is considering stereotactic radiosurgery.

In Memory October 3, 2015
Alice Baker
. Alice died Thursday, October 3, 2002 of lung cancer and Cushing's.

In Memory October 2, 2015
. Lenise had pituitary surgery. She passed away Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2002, just after her surgery.

New Bio September 29, 2015
Margaret S (Maggierose)
is from Northumberland uk. She was admitted to hospital because of stomach pain in July this year, A cat scan which showed tumours on her adrenal glands. The left being the largest. She is waiting to see the endo surgeon in November.

New Bio September 28, 2015
Lauren (Iskah)
is from Canada. She has had many symptoms since high school and was diagnosed with PCOS. She is testing now.

New Bio September 25, 2015
AllisonChained (AllisonChained)
is from Harvard, IL. In 2006 her health suddenly took a dive and she has been experiencing symptoms since then.

New Bio September 24, 2015
Julie M (jules)
is from the UK. She believes her 26 year old daughter has Cushing's.

New Bio September 18, 2015
Trish G (Trishg)
has hypothyroidism and is undergoing tests for Cushings disease.

Updated Bio September 12, 2015
had transphenoidal surgery (pituitary) July 30th 2004. She had a recurrence after seven years of being Cushing's free. A second pituitary surgery on 10/26/2011 was unsuccessful and she had a BLA. She is currently having daily radiation.

New Bio September 10, 2015
ghadeer (gogo)
is from Israel. She is not yet diagnosed but is testing now.

In Memory September 9, 2015
Kandace Bankston 'Kandy' Kline
Kandy Klein long-time member of the Cushing's Help message boards passed away September 9, 2007.

New Bio September 6, 2015
rokchix86 (rokchix86)
is from the US. She is not yet diagnosed but is having a lot of testing. Her endocrinologist said she keeps failing her cortisol tests. In other words something is always elevated.

In Memory September 4, 2015
. Janice died Tuesday, September 4, 2001. The very first Cushing's Awareness Ribbons were made for, and worn at, Janice's funeral.

New Bio August 19, 2015
Al (flyguy)
is from Miami, Florida. He is not yet diagnosed but is having a lot of testing.

New Bio August 16, 2015
Jordiyn (Jordiyn)
is from Colorado. Her gynecologist suggested Cushing's and she is waiting for her primary care doctor to refer her to an endocrinologist.

New Bio August 13, 2015
Donna (DD)
is from Greenwood, Indiano. She has several Cushing's symptoms and is not yet diagnosed. Her endocrinologist suggested fibromyalgia.

New Bio August 2, 2015
Melissa (Melissa)
went through puberty at the young age of 8 and by age 15 was diagnosed with osteoporosis after breaking 20 bones within a year’s time. She had always had hormone problems and was put on birth control pills in hope to help. An MRI shows a pituitary microadenoma.

New Bio July 31, 2015
Rsh (Rsh)
is from Savannah, Georgia. Some of her tests have come up high but some have come up normal so her endocrine doctor is thinking perhaps she has cyclical Cushing's.

New Bio July 26, 2015
Kristin T
is from Florida. She had a doctor, some 13 years ago start the workup for Cushing's (had 24 hour urine, dexamethasone suppression test and a brain MRI) but this was pre-nursing school and she did not realize the seriousness of what he was suspecting, so she never followed up. Kristin updated her bio 1/9/2016.

New Bio July 24, 2015
is from Atlanta, Georgia. In July of 2014, he started massive pains in his stomach with rectal bleeding and major flank pain. He went to the doctor and he ordered a CT of his abdomen. The CT showed bilateral Adrenal masses (left was 2.2cm and right was 3cm).

New Bio July 24, 2015
Katrina (Coloradokat)
is from Colorado. One of her jobs is with US Army Reserves. She cannot stay in the army if she exceeds a defined weight, and after serving two years in a war zone, she is not ready to lose her retirement benefits because she is over weight despite regular exercise and a healthy diet.

New Bio July 24, 2015
Kari W (karialeen)
is from Ogden, Utah. She had pituitary surgery on May 7, 2015. Some days she wishes she still had the tumor.

New Bio July 24, 2015
is from British Columbia. She has been diagnosed with PCOS and has been taking metformin. She'll see an endocrinologist soon.

New Bio July 19, 2015
Rox (Rox)
is from California. A 7mm pituitary tumor was found on an MRI and some of her tests are high. She is waiting for the next step.

New Bio July 19, 2015
Zoann M (Zoann)
is from Wasilla AK. She got a confirmed diagnosis of exogenous Cushing’s Syndrome caused by massive doses of prednisone she had been taking for more than 10 years for her asthma.

New Bio July 13, 2015
Louise (Louise)
is not yet diagnosed but has a lot of symptoms and is testing now. She has been taking varying amounts (usually 9 mg) of Entocort for around 12 years.

New Bio July 1, 2015
Emily B-C (EmilyBC)
is from Seattle, Washington. She is not yet diagnosed but has a lot of symptoms and is testing now.

New Bio July 1, 2015
Leah C
recently had a late-night cortisol test and it came back double what it should be. Her acth is very low but her cortisol is high. She is looking for support.

New Bio July 1, 2015
Consuelo (Conny)
is from Eastvale, California. She recently had an IPSS and will have pituitary surgery soon.

New Bio June 27, 2015
Malini (MK)
is from Australia. She has had Cushing's disease caused by a pituitary adenoma and had unsuccessful pituitary surgery in Aug 2013.

New Bio June 26, 2015
Karen K
is from Oakland CA. She has many symptoms of Cushing's, some for at least 12 years and will start testing soon.

New Bio June 20, 2015
Donelle Trotman
was only in his 30s when his health suddenly took a strange and frightening turn. He was rapidly gaining weight — more than 100 pounds in one year. His upper torso was getting bigger, but not his legs. And he felt overwhelmingly tired...

New Bio June 16, 2015
has had brain (pituitary) surgery three times, had both of her adrenal glands removed and been through multiple bouts of radiation.

New Bio June 10, 2015
Diana M (dbear12003)
is from Proctorville, Ohio. Her main symptoms the supraclavicular pads, the adrenal tumor, the b12 deficiency anemia, the fatty liver, weight gain, the unexplained flank pain, glucose reading of a 100 in her urine (when there should be none)...

New Bio June 9, 2015
Elizabeth C (Moonface1561)
is from Colton. Her second pituitary operation was followed with radiation treatments. She now has secondary Addison's disease and nearly died one month ago from an acute adrenal crisis.

New Bio June 6, 2015
Annie C (Annie)
is from Rochester, WA. She had surgery to remove an adrenal gland at Harbor View, Seattle, WA on October 3, 2014 and she has ongoing issues.

New Bio May 31, 2015
Rita (Rita)
is from New Jersey. She has steroid-induced Cushing's. She was watching an episode of Doc Martin (UK series) where a woman was having trouble and he told her she had Cushing's...

New Bio May 31, 2015
is from Ohio. After tests came back positive, Patricia had another brain surgery, underwent radiation treatment, and took several medications. In the meantime, her end had learned of a new medication awaiting FDA approval: mifrepristone (Korlym).

New Bio May 28, 2015
Joseph B
is from Newark, Delaware. He was diagnosed with Cushing's in March 2013. Surgery was done in November 2013 to remove a pituitary tumor. Recovery has been very slow.

New Bio May 21, 2015
Deanne (DeeR)
is from Maricopa, Arizona. She has a suspected Cushing's and a chance to go see Dr. Friedman. She doesn't want to waste the opportunity and is asking for help.

New Bio May 15, 2015
Angelina S (Angel)
is from New Jersey. She has a pituitary tumor, Cushing's, diabetes and lumbar spinal stenosis. She is trying to control it all with herbs and so far it is working out.

New Bio May 14, 2015
Elizabeth F (ElizabethF)
is from Dallas Fort Worth, Texas. She was exposed in utero and as a toddler to sky-high amounts of dioxins -- i.e., Agent Orange, along with what has now been diagnosed as Asperger Syndrome.

New Bio May 10, 2015
is from New York, NY. She is not yet diagnosed with Cushing's but is testing now. She has diabetes.

New Bio April 24, 2015
Janice B (NotSoCushie)
is from St. Catharines, On., Canada. She had pituitary surgery but the surgeon nicked her pituitary gland so she now has adrenal insufficiency. She also had uterine cancer.

New Bio April 24, 2015
Michelle B (Mshelle)
is from Cleveland Ohio. She recently received the diagnosis of cyclic Cushing's. She has had a diagnosis of PCOS since she was 17 years old. Michelle was our guest in an interview on May 6 at 6:00 pm eastern. Listen live here.

New Bio April 23, 2015
Gabby (nielk)
diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2013 and has been on methylprednisolone for about a year and a half now and has all the symptoms of Cushing's Syndrome.

New Bio April 20, 2015
Kat S (kat)
has just been diagnosed with Madelung's Disease. She is thankful this isn't really life threatening and knows it may be a difficult journey.

New Bio April 16, 2015
Stephanie (steph)
is from Virginia. She just turned 33 years old (this month) and has been dealing with symptoms of Cushing's since she was a pre-teen without even knowing it. She was diagnosed (or possibly mis-diagnosed) with PCOS when she was about 11. Stephanie was interviewed in our Guest Chat seriew. Listen to the archived interview here.

New Bio April 12, 2015
Her Cushing's was caused by a carcinoid tumor the size of a pencil eraser in her lung. The tumor - although not large enough to fluoresce during testing - had been signaling her adrenal glands, which produced enough cortisol, the fight-or-flight hormone, for 24 people.

New Bio April 9, 2015
is from Perth, Australia. She is not yet diagnosed with Cushing's but has had many symptoms for several years and will see an endo soon.

New Bio April 6, 2015
is from Scotland. She is not yet diagnosed with Cushing's but has had many symptoms for several years and will see an endo soon.

New Bio April 2, 2015
Kelsey G (kelcann44)
is from New Zealand. She is currently awaiting her last test to prove 100% if she has cyclical Cushing's Syndrome or not.

New Bio April 2, 2015
Mandy (momin980309)
is from Missouri. She has been dealing with health issues over the last few years that are getting progressively worse - and yet, her labs all keep coming back normal and so she keeps getting brushed off and pushed from doctor to doctor, lab to lab, and never any answers.

Golden Oldie Bio April 1, 2015
Shirley (Shirley)
is from Tauranga, New Zealand. She had pituitary surgery in August 2008 after years of illness, weight gain, depression, etc. She is off all meds bus is still tired and sore.

Golden Oldie Bio April 1, 2015
is from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He had transphenoidal surgery on Feb. 7, 2004 at UVa with Dr. Laws. Steve updated his bio in July, 2009 after being in remission for almost 5 years. His doctor is recommending Gamma Knife.

Golden Oldie Bio April 1, 2015
Michelle (ingledoo)
is from Richmond BC. She is not yet diagnosed but has an endo and is testing. She updated her bio after her cyclical pituitary diagnosis.

Golden Oldie Bio March 31, 2015
Sherry C
updated her bio November 16, 2009. Her pituitary surgery was March 23, 2006. She has all the symptoms, moon face, buffalo hump, weight gain, acne but also very dry skin, nausea, depression, hair places it should not grow, fatigue, and much more. Her Second Pituitary surgery, did not work and she had a BLA November 7, 2006. Updated January 23, 2016

Golden Oldie Bio March 31, 2015
Kim (lil dickens)
is from Greencastle, Pennsylvania. She has updated her bio after her acromegaly (pituitary) diagnosis. She was diagnosed by Dr Holmes and had surgery with Dr Jho.

In Memory March 30, 2015
Alena Renea Weeks Greenhill
. Ms. Alena Renea Weeks Greenhill, 31, of Aiken, died Friday, March 30, 2007 at her residence...

In Memory March 12, 2015
Sue Koziol (SuziQ)
. When I opened up my phone this morning, I saw the reminder that this is the anniversary of Sue's passing. She was such a good friend to so many here and so many Cushies worldwide. It's been another year. Not a day goes by that I don't miss Sue.

In Memory March 11, 2015
Erica Michelle “GaGa” Meno
was a fellow Cushing’s Disease survivor. She had been through pituitary surgery, radiation, and a BLA in an effort to receive her cure.

Golden Oldie Bio March 9, 2015
is from Minnesota. She has updated her bio after been diagnosed twice then UNdiagnosed, which is how it currently stands. She was diagnosed with pituitary Cushing's in May of 2009. She had symptoms for two years.

Golden Oldie Bio March 8, 2015
Sheara (sbailey)
is from Grantham, New Hampshire. Sheara had a Transsphenoidal surgery to remove her pituitary tumor. The pathology report results were that it was an ACTH (aka Cortisol) and Prolactin Tumor.

Golden Oldie Bio March 8, 2015
Elaine (Elaine)
is from Miami, Florida. She is not yet diagnosed with Cushing's but has many symptoms.

Golden Oldie Bio March 8, 2015
Christine (Christine)
is from Wakefield, England. She has been testing since September 2008 and still doesn't have a final diagnosis. She has questions about her midnight blood draw.

New Bio March 7, 2015
Teresa is from Casper, WY. She is a 47 year old woman diagnosed with Cushings Disease June 2014 and had pituitary surgery in September 2014.

New Bio March 6, 2015
Taylor was just 12 when she was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease, a condition caused by a tumor on the pituitary gland that affects everything from organ function and sleep to hormone levels and body growth.

Golden Oldie Bio March 5, 2015
Shon (Shon)
is from El Reno, Oklahoma. Two months before her 31st birthday, she was diagnosed with diabetes. She has many Cushing's symptomst.

New Bio March 4, 2015
Nancy is from Michigan. She sick for eight years before she finally got diagnosed with Cushings disease. She had pituitary surgery in 2008 and the doctor told her she was cured but...

New Bio March 2, 2015
Lisa (Lisa/FNP2B2017) was diagnosed with a tumor in her adrenal gland in 2007 which was removed in 2008. She seems a re-growth or Cushings for a second time.

Golden Oldie Bio March 2, 2015
Mary (Mary)
is from Beaverton, Oregon. She has had three transphenoidal surgeries for Cushing's and a BLA.

New Bio March 1, 2015
Jill (Jillleesmith)
is from Denver, Colorado. She was undiagnosed for 10 years. She was home sick one day on September 9, 2006. Watching Mysterious Diagnosis she saw a woman with my symptoms. She had Cushing’s Disease. She turned out to be Sharmyn McGraw, a friend and mentor.

Golden Oldie Bio March 1, 2015
Shandana was diagnosed with Cushings syndrome in 2005. She had her left adrenal gland out but isn't feeling better.

Golden Oldie Bio February 28, 2015
lmn1220 is from Pennsylvania. She had her pituitary tumor removed at the Cleveland Clinic.

Golden Oldie Bio February 28, 2015
Erica (Ericaop) is from Lithonia, Georgia. She is not yet diagnosed with Cushing's but she has been treated for symptoms of PCOS and was suspected of having metabolic syndrome (syndrome X) that was ruled out. She saw Mystery Diagnosis and thinks she has Cushing's so she called that Pituitary Center at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta.

Golden Oldie Bio February 28, 2015
Shandana Shandana was diagnosed with Cushings syndrome in 2005. She had her left adrenal gland out but isn't feeling better.

New Bio February 19, 2015
Holly (Zeus218) has exogenous Cushings which was close to impossible to diagnose. In the past few years she suffered from the symptoms of Cushing's, celiac and hyperthyroidism.

New Bio February 18, 2015
Traci (PDX Momma) is from Portland, OR. Her 11 year old is currently at NIH, undergoing 2 weeks of diagnostic tests, including an IPSS on 2/18/15.

Golden Oldie Bio February 18, 2015
Fabiana had transphenoidal surgery (pituitary) July 30th 2004. She had a recurrence after seven years of being Cushing's free. A second pituitary surgery on 10/26/2011 was unsuccessful.

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