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Wen's Story

Update December 4, 2007



test results from 2005

Appointment with new endo Jan 24.. for both daughter and self!

Update February 15, 2010

I have been away from the boards for 2-3 years.. and am STILL in the process of trying to get a diagnosis.. and so is my daughter....the appt we went to on jan 27th 2008 for the new endo.. was so looked forward to... thinking finally... get answers.... Wrong.. we were both told we were fat.. and just needed to run.. ...with the size i am.. I can't run.. there is now way......

my weight is now up to 287 .... my tests come back negative.. and no matter what I do.. the most i can loose is 5 lbs..and then it comes right back..

my face keeps swelling.. i'm having to shave my face.. at least once a day.. this is totally embarrasing for a 43 yr old woman to do..

at least my family dr agrees with me..but.. until we can get a diagnosis.. i can't start on anything to fix the problem.. insc would not cover it..

I have also found out in the mean time.. that a great aunt died from addisons.. and I have a cousin and an aunt on the same side that have MS.. I'm tired of my eyes swelling shut and my face looking like i've been crying for hours.. the fatigue and irratibility is driving me crazy.... and to top it off.. I have had a viral infection that has been going on for over a month.. my immune system is having problems beating it. and i almost ended up in the er over it.. and I sooo hate hospitals.. I've ven gone so far as take pix when i have these flair ups so that the dr's can see I am not making it up.... i have no idea how many times in the past i've been told i'm a hypocondriac.. or a drug seeker.. I'm tired.. fed up.. and about to give up..

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