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Thank you for submitting your bio - sometimes it takes a day or so to get them formatted for the website and listed on the pages where new bios are listed.

If you are planning to check the button that reads "I would like to be considered for a Live Interview in the Cushings Help Voice Chat / Podcast series" please be sure to read the Interview Page for information on how these interviews work.

Please do not ask people to email you answers to your questions. Your question is probably of interest to other Cushing's patients and has already been asked and answered on the Message Boards.

Occasionally, people may comment on your bio. To read your bio and any comments, please look here for the date you submitted yours and click on the link.

To list yourself on the Member Map, please click the big plus sign on the upper right. You may also type YES on the line provided below. If you do that, please be sure to have your address listed on the line above

Please post any questions for which you need answers on the message boards.

Please click the Submit button once.

If you would like to submit your bio now without using this form, or your info is more than 10,000 characters, please send an email titled "New Bio" and include your first name, message board name (if any), location (it will not be used in your bio), your diagnosis and your bio. Please also let me know if you'd like to be considered for a live interview. Thanks!

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