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Rhonda's Story...

I have recently had a 24 hour urine for cortisol. My # was 185. I know that is quite high according to my discharge summary.

I have also had 3 episodes of pancreatitis this last year. Has anyone else with Cushing's had pancreatitis? I haven't had a definitive diagnosis yet because my backwards doctor here still doesn't think that my weight problem has anything to do with a medical illness.

I have went to doctors after doctors and eventhough i had a high test I have not yet been diagnosed. Mainly because my dexamethosone sp? test was normal approx 1 month after my high cortisol test. The only thing the doctors are taking me serious for is my pancreatitis.

However, my doctor did refer me to a dr in Missoula, Montana an endo so hopefully I will get my diagnosis.

My story started out 4 years ago with kidney stones. The doctors found a 4 cm adrenal tumor but did not feel it needed to be removed. Eventhouhg at that time I had done research of my own and knew that I had cushings and asked them to remove my tumor. Since then I have had alot of pain since a lithotripsy for my kidney stones I am unsure of what the source of my pain is but it is debilitating.

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