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Miriam's Poem...

Cushing's syndrome

Cos I'm a cushie, you'll need to be
Understanding, kind and patient with me.
Stop blaming my weight for the ills of my mind
Help me get better, and help me unwind.
I'm loving and caring, just in a mess
Not all my fault, this build up of stress
Give me a chance, and then you will see
Some of the good things, that all make up me

Since I'm a cushie, expect a hump
You know, on the shoulders, you silly old lump,
Nasty dark hairs on the face and behind
Don't worry I'm not really losing my mind,
Relax, it's the steroids that's doing all this
Oh - and sometimes blood sugar's a little amiss
My body isn't all that defines me though,
Experience me, not just what's on show.
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