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Michelle's Story

Hi. No diagnosis yet, but all indications are that I have cushing's.

In addition they discovered an enlarged thyroid and calcium deposits on the left side of the thyroid. The thing that has me so worried is that I have had many symptoms of cushing's for a very long time, but the last few months I have noticed that my short term memory is not what it used to be, I keep having blood vessals in my hand burst to the point that it turns blue and it's so painful it brings me to tears. I am often light headed/dizzy constantly fatigued etc.

I just had my first appointment yesterday with the Endocronologist, and will not be seeing him again until the end of August for him to do the blood sugar test.

Is it okay that it's going to take this long. (That's just the first of many appointments.) Should I be concerned about anything?

I appreaciate any help/support. Thanks.

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