Tuesday, May 12, 2009

angelp (angelp), pituitary bio

My bio - I don't realy know where to start... I've been diagnosed for 6 months now after years of symptoms (the hump, belly, very thin hair, straie all over, bruising, confusion, exhaustion, weakness) to name but a few, but things seem to have gotten worse since my first pituitary surgery in January this year, that failed to cure me, i became ill with staphicoccal septisemia and was hospitalised for 3 weeks.

My second pituitary surgery in March, again failed to cure me, aparantly they can't get all the tumor.

I'm having an adrenalectomy in a month or so and then I must have radiotherapy to get rid of the rest of my pituitary tumor.

I feel like my life is over, I feel so old, all my joints hurt alot and it's difficult to move around - is there ever an end to all of this?

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