Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Paula (PaulaWI1980), Cushing's bio

I am a 27 yr old female just diagnosed with Cushings after 12 years of first noticing the onset of my symptoms.

I am currently going through a messy divorce to a man who was to selfish to care about me or my health.

I am relieved to now know what is really wrong with me, my mind, and my body. Now I just need to get things moving to locate my tumor and have surgery before I loose my husband's great health insurance that has been paying 100% of my medical expenses.

I had an MRI of the head yesterday and I hope to hear back from my endo today or tomorrow. My endo is referring me to Dr. James Findling in Milwaukee, WI.

I have read many articles and studies by Dr. Findling and I am confident in his experience with Cushings.

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