Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lorrie (lorrie), undiagnosed bio

I am 31, mom of 3 in St Louis,Mo

What got me to this point was my missed menstural for 1yr. I finally broke down, stopped fighting husband that it was "because of my weight gain" (218 as of Nov.08)

So I go to the gyn she's freaked, "Why would you wait this long?" My answer periods have not ever been normal since birth of first daughter in 97, (son in 98 and daughter in 05) Just assumed cycle was changing at first or just because I couldn't loose the baby weight and then some.

She sends me for labs and tells me she thinks it could be early menopause or PCOS. Needless to say that labwork was abnormal and straight to the endo she sends me.

While being examined by the endo she is asking me about the pink stretch marks on belly(thought they were just from baby never really look at them)and the hump on the back the amount of weight gain in the past two years, depression (I did take med for before I got pregnant with #3- for a few months stopped when I found out) out of control mood swings, exxxtra facial hair, tired all the time, etc... anyway she just sort of mentions the cushings and sends me for more blood work...

Tests come back so many numbers and words that I really had no clue of blood sugar-high, testosterone-high, cholesterol-high, cortisol-high just getting #s thrown left and right.

She tells me she believes it is PCOS as well but we should check the thyroid(which is where my $ was on), so more tests and now ultrasounds of thyroid (1cm lump has to be checked again in 6mths) and ovaries (they are just fine I was told which really threw my question mark up).

In the meantime I started doing my homework and cannot believe that all signs have pointed to Cushings Syndrome WOW!!

Next thing I know I am checking my blood sugar everyday and put on metformin, changing the foods I eat- she put me on birth control, which I have never been on before and honestly still haven't taken them.. to much fam history of heart disease and stroke may sound crazy I am just not sure about that yet, which may be a good thing, I read that it may effect some test results with the cortisol..

Now I am into a week waiting on the 24hr urine and midnight saliva results. . the waiting is so frustrating especially when I absolutely w/out a doubt know that it is cushings!

I have read and read so many stories and cried and just in aww of how many of the symptoms I have and going back to 1998 after my son was born, the stress factors and the health problems and so on and to well, starting to put the pieces of the puzzle together. I still don't think my head has stopped spinning!

I think every story I read is almost like reading my own. I just need to get copies of all my labs and really learn the lingo and what levels are or should be what.

I am having a hard time with actually admitting to family members what the problems are with me because I sound like such a hypochondriac ,how do you get past that? I am such a mess emotionally and it's getting harder and harder to choke back the tears plus when test results do come back when and how do I tell my 10 and 12 yr old about this- not in any rush for that- but I feel like there is soo much that I nedd to prepare for I just don't know where to start.

Any responses are welcome please.

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