Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Karissa (K), undiagnosed bio

Today (12/2/08) I had to go get my yearly gynocological exam. Its usualy an in an out thing, step on the scale, go into the room, get examinied and then you are done.

Well this time was a little different. The MA took my blood pressure, it was 130/100, she told me that was way to high for someone my age. They continued with the exam and before I went to leave the dr said she wanted me to go have some blood test done to check my thyroid, which she said would explain my weight gain and fatigue. She also wanted to recheck my blood pressure one more time before I left, that time it was 150/92.

I went to leave and as I was standing at the desk to check out, the dr came back out and asked if she could speak to me one more time. After I paid my bill I went back with her and she told me that after I had my blood test done that she would want me to goto my primary care dr and have them do some test for Cushing's. I was shocked, where had all this come from, she said that I had some symptoms of Cushing's and she would like to rule it out. She said that could be the reason for my "moon face" and why I have very lean arms an legs but a fat upper body mostly in the shoulders and back area and around the neck.

Well of course I got concerned and as soon as I got back to work I began to do some research on ths subject. I read a lot of the symptoms some fit some didnt, the excess body and face hair fit, the moon face fit, the acne fit, the redness in the face fit, the buffalo hump fit, the fatigue fit. But the thin skin, muscle weakness, and bone weakness didnt fit. So im really unsure at this point, I dont know if you have to have all the symptoms to be diagnosid or not.

I am a little nervous after reading some of the stories on here, but then again it does explain alot. I scheduled my blood test for the thyroid for next tuesday and the dr wants me to do the other test if the thyroid test comes back negative. So we will see.

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