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Jennifer (JWOLF74) PCOS bio

I was diagnosed with PCOS about 10 years ago.

Had gastric bypass surgery 7 years ago and in the last 2 years have packed on the weight again, cortisol blood tests were high, and did a UFC, which came back at 47, which is < 50 for the 'possible' diagnosis, but my doctor is going to refer me to another endocrinologist, because she isnt sure if its PCOS, or something else..... so, HERE we go again.

Update June 2, 2009

Approx 10 years ago, I was diagnosed with PCOS, due to high androgen levels, and insulin resistance, infertility.... I was told, 'Lose weight and everything will be fine.' So, I researched different ways, did every diet you can think of, all to no avail.... i would lose 20lbs.... gain 30...
In 2000 I decided on GASTRIC BYPASS Surgery..... NOW- Dont get me wrong.... I would NOT be alive today, if I had not gone this drastic route, BUT- the complications are many, and varied..... and they blame all my current issues on THAT, when IN FACT, I know..... there is more to it....

"You are bipolar... Aneamic, Vit b12 deficient, Vit D deficient' ...... Varied symtoms include and are NOT limited to: UNcontrollable sweats, edema- which causes swollen hands and feet, which in turn cause BURNING ITCHING in said hands and feet, headaches that LAST for weeks at a time.... poor sleeping, wake up 3-4 times a night (subsequent Sleep study revealed -- i woke up 28 times that night) -- Snoring, but, NO sleep apnea. Sores on face, in ears, on scalp that during times of 'stress' CANNOT be relieved. Oily, but DRY skin. Psoriasis on knees, elbows, and sides of nose, IN ears. Optic Nerves that are TWICE the size of any 'normal' person, Glaucoma suspect (pressure ranges between 9 and 22 - on any given occasion) --

I HAD big UGLY stretch marks on my abdomen--- before my panniculectomy in 2004 --- they got cut off.... =) i just thought they were.... STRETCH MARKS.... cause my belly was so fat....
As a child, i was hospitalized at the age of 6 weeks for pneumonia, and my 'hump' 1st appeared between 8 and 9 --- i also had a 'lump' on my forehead that doctors dismissed as - sinus related, due to many boughts of bronchitis, and pneumonia and subsequent tonsilectomy.... adenoids removed-- GREW BACK, had to have removed again.

menstrual irregularities began at age 12.... within 6 months of onset of menses.... weight ballooned... by the age of 18 --- i was over 200lbs.... by 25 -- well over 300lbs...

by 28 --- over 400lbs.... at 5 foot 8 --- not THAT big a deal, but, the energy was NON-existent..... life was slipping away.....

In 2000- doc checked CORTISOL --- it was in the middle of the day --- and it was 39 (serum) --- had my do UFC--- and it was 'normal' -- according to records....
LABELED AS: PCOS --- end of story.

Till now.... weight is creeping UP.... despite 1100cals a day ...... Sleep again..... all messed up..... HEADACHES almost daily...... sun makes me wanna cry, but the pressure from 'rain' and damp days makes me ache like there is no tommorrow.... face broken out.... hairs on my chinny chin chin have gone from ..... a spackling to.... a BEARD.... Charly horses in my calves, thighs and lower back.... and a NEW ONE---- in the back of my right arm....

Energy ??? Whats that ...... remember something ???? HA, what a joke.... i forget stuff from room to room.... and my house is only 1000 SQ FEET.... and even now, I am sure i am forgetting SOME symptom .... =)
recent tests:

SERUM CORTISOL -- 8AM: 27 (ref range high is 22)
UFC- 42 (ref range < 50 )

ACTH - 8AM Fasting: 46h reference range is 7 to 27
Serum Cortisol 42h ref range: 4.6 to 20.6
UFC 37 ref range 4 to 50
17-OHP < 8 (any phase menstrual cycle s/b 285 )

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