Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Daniel (Danny Boy), ectopic bio

I have been dealing with this for about a year now and from what I am reading we are actually lucky to have found it that quickly.

It all started while I was at work one day and we tested my blood pressure just to check it. I am a firefighter and we had just came back from a call.

After about 4 months of going to tons of Drs. and having every test imaginable my wife and I were doing our own research.

We came across Cushings and noticed that practicully every sign and symptom that was listed. The bruising was continually getting worse, I was getting weak, my blood pressure couldnt be controlled and I was gaining weight despite eating right and daily exercise.

My family Dr. tested for Cushings and quickly came to my current diagnosis. We then had to go through a series of test to try and find the tumor that was thought to be in his pituitary glad since this is the most commen place to find them. After MRI's, CAT scans, Venus sampling, more blood work, they were unable to find anything. One MRI that was done was of my chest and adrenals and did show up a mass in my right lung. Though our constant questioning of this mass was ignored this came to be the root of the problem.

So I find out that not only do I have a rare disease but that I have an even more rare form with the tumor in my lung. I am at the point of getting ready to go into surgery to remove the tumor from my lungs and I have to look forward to the recovery and what lies ahead for me in life.

My wife and I are expecting our first child in Feb. and I have to keep my head up and get better for them and myself.

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