Saturday, November 15, 2008

Belinda (Belinda), adrenal bio

I am 31 yrs old and had a adrenalectomy in April of 2008.

I started about 6 yrs ago with high blood pressure and then I developed a fast heart rate. I was put on medication to control this.

As the years went on I started to become depressed all the time had no interest in anything anymore had very bad mood swings.

The last 2 yrs I had gained 80lbs , I had hot flashes all the time,mood swings,muscle weakness, then the moon shaped face started, no sexual interest, missed menstrual cycles and so on. I kept telling my doctor that I was gaining weight for no reason and he told me I had to be eating to much. I even took my husband to the doctor with me so he could tell them that I hardly ever eat. I was also exercising regularly.

My life was so miserable that I didn't care about anything anymore. I almost lost my family because of the depression. By February of 2008 I was on 3 different blood pressure pills and my blood pressure was still high.

So in March of 2008 I was very sick I could not even get out of bed where I was so dehydrated. I went to the doctor and he admitted me to the hospital. He done a cat scan on my stomach to see if it was my intestines. When the cat scan come back it showed I had a tumor on my left adrenal galnd. I was sent to a surgeon who ran all the test to check for cushions syndrome and in April of 2008 he removed my left adrenal gland. I ask the surgeon why I had not been tested for this earlier he said because it is so rare that doctors very rarely think of it. I also ask him how long he thougth I had had cushing's and he said he couldn't be sure but probably from the time my high blood pressure started 6 yrs ago.

It has been 6 months since my surgery. I am taking the steroid dexamethasone until my right adrenal takes over. I have lost 36lbs and feel great. I am not back 100% but I believe that I will eventually get there.

I am so glad they found out what was wrong with me because now I have my life and family back.

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