Monday, October 27, 2008

Alicia, undiagnosed bio

Since 2005 I have been seeing Doctors about my feelings of exhaustion, sweating, weight gain, abdominal obesity and Thyroid problems.

I was initially diagnosed with HYPERthyroidism and put on Methimazole. My T3 and T4 TSH all plummetted and then I was diagnosed with Graves Disease. Had a battery of tests including Biopsies of a nodule in my Thyroid. No cancer but they said it was Graves.

The weight gain increased and the Buffalo hump got much bigger. My hair started falling out, facial hair appeared, My face looks like a pumpkin and I have stria on my upper right shoulder. I have an old nursing injury to my neck and I was in a lot of pain.

Went to the Neurosurgeon who ordered an MRI of neck. When he saw me and the results he said "you have 2 herniated cervical disc but I wil Not touch you in the OR b/c you have cushings from what I can tell".

Sent me to an endo here in CT who did all the labs and when he met me he said" You look like you have Cushings". All lab work and Urines neg. altho' I never had the saliva or midnight cortisol bld work. The neurosurgeon sent me on his own to have an MRI of the brain with contrast. It was neg for a tumor however, he doen't believe the results.

I am so sad and tired of every lab WNL yet every doctor so far ( 6 to be exact) believe I have Cushings.

What in the world can I do?

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