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Kristina's Story...

Around two years ago at age, 16- I had been having some problems related to low thyroid levels. In February 2001 when I turned 17 I was officially diagnosed with Hashimotos thyroiditis (hypothyroidism). I was doing ok for a while, lost weight and seemed to do much better. However a recent turn of events has left me with what this group's topic is about. It started around February of this year 2002- I was very stressed out and missed my periods or were irregular. They are ok today, but still kinda of out of *order*. My tummy quadrupled in size, making it appear as if I was pregnant. The doctors told me to do a urine test and I am still waiting for results, but while I was at the doctors office yesterday, she told me I have a mild form of this disease and we need to discuss what to do to get rid of it (surgery). There are so many things surrounding this problem I am having along with being a hypo patient. I am trying to differentiate between the two and not blame ones symptoms on the other. Coz on the one hand my hypo seems ok, the other seems to be doing me in. The only other problem I am having as a hypothyroid patient is that nodules on my thyroid are obstructing me from breathing properly, and for that I am having an ultrasound, biopsy and possible surgery.

I went around searching for some answers as I am sure you have too. I noticed a frequency in the number of people who report that they have *constant headaches* I have this too, my pcp said it was Migraine/Tension and sent me to neurology. I am having an MRI or CAT scan to determine whether I have a tumor in my or around my pituitary or if its somewhere else, and see why I am getting the headaches so much. They recommended something called Bartalbital - something to make the migraine/tension go away. It works, but I don't like taking it coz it can change the way your body functions if you don't have it regularly.

My biggest problem out of all this is the rapid weight gain. I weigh more now than I ever did in my entire life and I am only 18. My endocrinologist says she sees signs or has the results of some tests that show insulin resistance and wants to put me on glucophage.

I have read some of the many other bios on this site, and while I saw some that have good reports, other don't. I am hoping my youth will help add in recovery, if indeed I must have surgery for a tumor.

You're most welcome to email me at if you want to talk to someone who is going through the same things you are. I want to help others and be helped, but most of all I want to be healthy again, and somewhat normal.

Please pray for me, and again, please send me an email and I will pray for you.

Love and God bless always!- Kristina

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