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Kirby's Story...

Hi, I'm Kirby and I'm 23 years old. My journey to a diagnosis has been frustrating and difficult, I'm tempted to say "long" but I see so many others on this board who have been at this a lot longer than me. Let me say it's felt like forever...

I was an active teenager, softball and dance were my two favorites. At about age 16 things started to change, I gained weight and lost interest in everything around me. I no longer wanted to play sports, dance, or even hang out with friends. The depression and anxiety worsened as did the weight gain. By the time I turned 21... the time of my life had turned to pain, fatigue, and severe depression. I was on the stongest dose of Welbutrin that could be prescribed, Zanax for anxiety, Meds for the IBS, a therapist, and a number of doctors who told me to "lose wieght" "exercise." I followed their orders and I took their pills... I've had plenty of diagnosis in between as well.

I signed up for a Human Anatomy Class, which actually changed my whole life. I was flipping through the chapters when I came across a picture that reminded me of myself. I read the information and found this was a disease caused by a tumor and people with these disease were depressed, anxious, obese, had hair in places they didn't used to, had a moon face, a buffulo hump, diabetes and so on... all things that fit for me. I went to my Dr and asked for my cortisol levels to be tested... she was convinced this was not my problem, it took 2 months just for her to write the script for the test. When it came back, shock of all shocks... my cortisol was high, 3 tests later I was in an endocrinologist office as he was ordering a CT scan of my abdomen...


Then the MRI, and it was positive... I think I'm the only person who's ever smiled when they found out they had a brain tumor. It just feels so good to know you're not crazy... I have an appointment with Dr. Ludlam and Dr. Barnwell next week (Nov 29th) and I will do the CS Sampling to see more about the tumor. I'm finally going to get answers!

I wanted to thank everyone for reading my bio and posting your own. It's so nice to have a community to assure you that you really aren't alone.

Update December 10, 2006

Went to Portland and OHSU, had the PSS completed, and DEXA/CHR. Met with Dr. Ludlam and associates. The appointments went well. Dr Delico (who is Dr. Ludlam's partner now)said that almost 80% of Cushing's cases were pituitary but after examining me she said "for you, it is 90%" indicating I look like the poster child for Cushings. I also met with the neurosurgeon and we set up a surgery date, January 25th!!!! Dr. Delico still wanted the results of all my tests before she was willing to send me to surgery, but I left feeling relieved, I mean people were FINALLY doing something to help me.

Fast foward to this week and I receive a phone message from Dr. Delico. Apparently my PSS came back "slightly positive" (whatever that means) and I now have to repeat the DEXA, more blood tests and the 24 hour urine tests... I'm very dissapointed.

I'm starting to get that hopeless feeling again... Just hope I can get it all done by the end of January... I WANT that surgery date to stay...

Thanks for reading, I'll update more later. shall not be held liable for any claim or right to recover damages, including, but not limited to, loss of profit, business, other incidental consequential damages, or other similar claims, even if has been specifically advised of the possibility of such damages.

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