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Kateelston's Story

ok this is the first time i'm really talking to someone other then a doctor about my health issues. Mine is a long story, but if it can help someone else or help me, i guess its worth telling you. So in 2001 i got married, shortly after had gained a lot of weight. i never really noticed it until i looked at pictures. It was devastating. I used to weigh 118 and i was up tp 140. When you loo at old pictures of me you can see that my face was very round and reddish, and my mid section was shaped like a pear. my legs and arms were very skinny. Out of the blue i just statred to lactate.

So i went to the Dr. and he told me i was insulin resistant, had PCOS, and gave me meds for diabetes. So i did what he said and took Glucophage and Yaz. Only i felt like the meds were hidding a bigger problem. The meds started to make me sick. Every morning i was throwing up, so i got a second opinion.

The next endo told me that i was diagnosed wrong ( 2 yrs later)! He told me i had an underactive thyroid and i was put on .5mcg of synthoid. Well here it is again and I have the same problems as i started with.

I'm back up to 132lbs from 118 in the last 7 months, im lactating, have no periods, have worsened acne, excessive thirst and urination, tired all the time (sleep 16 hrs a day), have headaches, lower back pain, and chuppy just around my mid section. I also have a small bump on the back of my neck made of fat.

So i made an appointment with the endo again and am hoping they can find the problem and fix it. All the Dr.'s i've seen have given me different diagnosis. I'm lost at this point.

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