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Helz's Story

I have been a Cushings sufferer since the age of 17, only noticed due to high blood pressure.

I was fully diagnosed at 21. Pituitary surgey Nov 2006, It came back with avengance a year later so had an adrenalactomy, so now I;m classed as suffering from hypoadrenalism, I am now 27 on steriods for the rest of my life.

I have recently had a baby boy, but as I am prone to what they call IRGS or something like that anyway, it means that due to my 'condition' I am prone to small babies, my boy was just a bit too small to survive, he was 37 minutes old.

before I was diagnosed I was having a very rough time trying to get on with my life, what with all the tests and everything else. I will update when I have time.

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