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Europe Approves Zomacton, Human Growth Factor, For Turner’s Syndrome

ISELIN, NJ -- January 9, 2001 -- Bio-Technology General Corp. announced that The Ferring Group, BTG's licensee for Europe, has received approval from the European regulatory authorities for BTG's recombinant human growth hormone, in the treatment of Turner's syndrome.

The product is currently marketed by Ferring under the tradename Zomacton in over twenty European countries for the treatment of pituitary growth hormone deficiency in children. Europe constitutes approximately 30 percent of the worldwide market for human growth hormone.

Turner's syndrome is a genetic disorder in girls that occurs in approximately 1 in 2,500 live births and results in short stature and failure to develop secondary sexual characteristics. Human growth hormone is effective in promoting growth and improving final height in girls with this condition.

Sim Fass, Chairman and CEO of Bio-Technology General Corp., stated: "We are pleased to now be able to offer individuals with Turner's syndrome an alternative to other therapies. We believe that this additional indication will provide Ferring with a new opportunity to further penetrate and increase its share of the European growth hormone market."

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