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Xana's Story...

Hi. I'm Xana, 31, and female. I am here hoping that Cushing's is the final puzzle piece needed to explain the multiple diseases I have been dx'ed with in the last two years. Here's my history.

11/2002: At age 28, began having what I thought were "crazy" panic attacks while in Grad school.

1/2003: Started therapy and seeing a psychiatrist for "panic attacks," anxiety, and severe depression. Dx'ed with major depressive disorder. Began meds for anxiety and depression.

6/2003: After multiple eeg's, 2 MRIs, PET scan and a battery of blood tests, was dx'ed with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and found that my "panic attacks" were actually Complex partial seizures. Began taking meds for seizures. Had to quit school and move home to live with parents.

10/2003: Went to doctor for extreme fatigue. Thought I had the flu. General Doctor dx'ed me with Hypothyroidism. Began taking Levothyroxine.

10/2003 - 1/2005: Seizures continue despite drug treatment. Thyroid level keeps fluctuating despite proper use of meds. Go through tons of doctors who keep scratching their heads. In the meantime, my period goes haywire...again. Never had normal periods, very heavy and lots of pain. Start having more frequent periods with heavier bleeding.

1/2005: Go to new general doc who thinks that my period will straighten out when Thyroid levels become stable.

2/2005: Start seeing new Neurologist who tries a different approach to seizures. It works. My last seizure was 2/16/2005.

6/2005: I go back to General doc telling her that my bleeding from period is out of control. She gives me progesterone? (I think) to stop the bleeding. She orders PAP, CBC and iron levels, trans-vaginal ultrasound, glucose tolerance test, complete cholesterol panel, and LSH and FSH hormone levels. TSH level is over 9.00 at this point. Doc still thinks that Thyroid level is causing heavy bleeding.

Test results show: excellent cholesterol level, normal glucose tolerance, Pap was normal. Ultrasound showed many cysts on each ovary, LSH and FSH levels were consistent with PCOS. Iron level was low, but not threatening. Dx'ed with PCOS and start birth control pill.

7/2005: Go back to general doc. Bleeding very heavy. Iron level shows anemia. Have emergency D&C, and 2 units of blood. I drop the General doc and start seeing the GYN who performed the D&C. Also get referral for Endocrinologist.

Biopsy of uterine lining shows many fibroids, polyps, and inflammation of uterine lining.

8/2005: On first endo visit, he orders more hormone tests including Cortisol, Testosterone, LSH, FSH, TSH, T4, Potassium, and basic metabolic panel. I get the results on 9/30/2005.

9/2005: Heavy bleeding comes back. GYN says he can freeze lining of uterus, but doesn't guarantee that it will stop heaving bleeding. Since I do not want children, I opt for a laproscopic supracervical hysterectomy scheduled for 10/05/2005. I will keep my ovaries and cervix. GYN asks if I have ever had Pituitary checked (Nope). I hope he's on to something.

Current condition and symptoms: Still seizure free, exhausted, pain in joints, trouble keeping "normal" sleep schedule, acne, facial hair, obesity especially in stomach, thinning hair, stretch marks on stomach, Depression.

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