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Wanda F's Story...

I live in NJ and I am a 36 year old single mother of 3 (soon to be divorced), my oldest has ADHD and my youngest is autistic.

For as long as I can remember I have always had to make a great effort in order for me to be organized in my life. I now believe that I have suffered from depression for many years...It got worse as I got older I was always very slim before I got my menstruation at the age of 11, after that I just got out of control, which of course I got even more depressed I had very low self esteem, it did not help that my family life was also dysfunctional.

When I married in 86 I thought I would have a family right away since it has not been a problem conceiving in my family, but of course lucky me had to go through it. I started routine testing a year later and my doctor sent me to do a cat scan and of course I had a terrible time because I was allergic to the dye. Chest pains, trouble breathing , terrible rash it was loads of fun. But anyway I remember when the Doc said to me it came out positive for a brain tumor, but don't worry a lot of people go through life having this and they never even know it and besides it is too small, and the more babies you have the smaller they will get just check on it some day. And that was that I went into hormones treatments for one month then I quit because my menses where just too painful and I had decided to work a little more on my marriage before trying to get pregnant. Just my luck 6 months later I got pregnant without any medical help and then the following year and then 2 years later I was like a rabbit. So I figured that this brain thing was just no problem I was going to be like one of the many people that have it and never knew about it. Meanwhile during all this time during my pregnancies and the times that I was not I was experiencing terrible panic attacks, depression, headaches, massive weight gain, lost my looks, heart palpitations, snoring, dizziness and the very worse forgetfulness I seem to just go blank on many many things and a whole lot more. But I never made a connection I had been to tons of Drs and everything was normal in the lab work.

In the last year and a half I have been through a lot with my separation from my husband (not to mention when my kids for diagnosed with ADHD and another autism needless to say that I did not have time to concentrate on myself) I have had to juggle everything myself but eventually I managed to get things done. for the last 3 months I have been unusually very tired my knees joints, elbows and wrist joints hurt so bad and everything else have gotten worse. I was to the point of accepting that I was going to have a stroke soon and no one would ever know from what until it clicked to me HUMM let me look in the internet for brain tumors and see if I can find anything that might be connected to what I am feeling but of course I was thinking to myself I AM WASTING MY TIME WITH THIS. HOW WRONG I WAS BINGO!!! I was so HAPPY. happy to know what I had at last..

I want to say of how much this site has helped me to feel less anxious, this site is just wonderful. I am on my way to getting some blood work done. I went to my Dr last night and he was like oh I tell you the internet has helped people be more aware of so many diseases that they make my work easier. but of course he said well maybe what you have is not that exotic maybe it is just your thyroid (here we go again) I am looking forward to your chat tonight.

Thanks again to everyone that have contributed there Bios I felt that sharing my story with you would be the least that I could do.

very truly yours


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