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Over the last few years, I have tried to find online Cushing's supportgroups. Last year, my search led me to and a PituitaryDisorders group run by Troya Renee Yoder. When I wrote to her abouttrading links with her, Troya said that she was no longer maintaining thatgroup. She had written some wonderfully informative articles that wereposted there and I was afraid that if takes the area down for lackof a moderator, that others would not be able to benefit from these articlesanymore.

So, I asked... Troya said yes...and here are her articles,preserved so that others can get help and hope from them.

Thanks so much, Troya!

15 Oct 1999 Featured Article

1 Oct 1999

17 Sep 1999

3 Sep 1999

20 Aug 1999

6 Aug 1999

23 July 1999

25 June 1999

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