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Tressie's Story

When I was 30 years old I was diagnosed with a Prolactinoma. That was 1983 and I had it surgically removed. It was the size of a nichol and they took tissue from all around it as well.

My symptoms went back to puberty when my periods were always irregular. Sometimes they would be 2 months apart or could be a year apart! I married at 21 and we did not use birth control yet I did not become pregnant until we had been married 7 years. But, one day I started feeling like I had the flu and after going to the Dr. for a few weeks to get vitamin C shots, they finally did a pregnancy test and found that I was pregnant.

The pregnancy and baby were normal. I breast fed my daughter for about 3 weeks only because my milk production was just soooo extreme. By the time my daughter was 17 months old, however, I was still producing enough milk to breast feed and I suffered from vaginal dryness. Tests found prolactin levels too high so I had a CT scan where the tumor was discovered.

After it was surgically removed all symptoms improved. Periods were regular for the first time in my life and I went on to have one more daughter. I never developed any Cushing symptoms or any other symptoms until almost 20 years to the day the tumor was removed. I crashed, wound up in the hospital for a week where they finally diagnosed me to have adrenal failure. That was in 2003.

Since then I have also developed low thyroid. I take my meds everyday and do pretty well although things are not quite the same for me. Dr. is not sure if I have primary Adrenal failure or if it is secondary due to the previous Prolactinoma.

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