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Tori's Story

My name is Tori and I am 46 and have 3 children.

I was diagnosed with Diabetes 3 years ago. I started taking oral medication for the diabetes along with blood pressure med's and cholesterol med's, but soon the oral med's weren't working and my night and morning blood sugars were out of control. my endo put me on an insulin pump, which I started to have a reaction at the pumps site(redness, itching) he said that I was allergic to the insulin(which was wrong, I was allergic to the suspention that the insulin was in)so he had me start mixing decodrn in my pump with the insulin, which means for the last 2 1/2 years I have been receiving a continual does of decodron 24/7.

At every vist I was complaining about weight gain, moon face, buffalo hump extreme fatigue( never before worked 16 hour days) sore and achey(you must be coming down with something) high blood pressure, uncontrollable blood sugars, extreme sweating,then came the inability to organize and concentrate ( 3 car accidents in 1 year insurance co dropped me) I finally decided that I needed to get a second opinion or I was going to go crazy.

I saw a new young doctor, that made the diagnosis right away and sent me to an allergist to get me off of the steroids. I have been weaning from the steroids for 5 months now and it is very slow going, at first the allergist was trying to taper me down to fast and the new endo said to taper very slowly. I am now on 5mgs twice a day.

As of last test my adrenals aren't working yet. I need to have surgery for an ovarian cyst and to correct a falled bladder lift that i had a couple of years ago, but have to wait because of the steroids. Also have to have a tummy tuck redone because of the weight gain and other plastic surgery to be myself again.

Thanks for reading my long list of complaints

I am in Va.

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