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Tom's Story

For the past 6 six years I've been treated for hard to control high blood pressure(5 meds and a patch).

Four years ago I changed Doctors, and he ordered a MRI of the adrenals, thinking Conn's, with negative results. This April, he ordered another MRI, and they found a 1.3 centimeter growth on the left adrenal.

From April to 6 wks ago, blood and urine testing, then a referral to an Endo. Yesterday was the Endo visit, he believes I have Cushing's but wanted a 12:00 am saliva test just to be sure, then surgery.

I've read horror stories about your experiences with Cushing's and the length of time before confirming Cushing's and I feel for you. I tolerated most of the effects of Cushing's except for the fatigue, it was the one aspect that got me.

I wish everyone the best, for a complete recovery.

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