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T.K.'s Story

My sister is 2 years younger than I. She battled for over 10 years to get a correct Cushing's diagnosis and finally had her pit tumor removed in 2001. She is better, but still has some problems related to the Cushing's. She has told me I "look like Cushing's" for over a year now but I dismissed that.

Went to a weight loss doctor in July, '03--lab work he ordered showed high glucose and C-Peptide and extremely high triglycerides and cholesterol. Still, doc and I did nothing about this.

Vision got a little worse so the eye doc tested my eye pressure and it was very high--he referred me to an ophthalmologist who ruled out glaucoma (for now).

I have constant pain in the ovary section of my lower abdomen. Before Christmas I got a sinus infection that won't go away, I am sooooo dizzy all the time, and my vision deteriorated within a 2 day period. My face is getting round, the weight is truncal.

Okay, so now I presented this info to my allergist who took it seriously enough to start the testing process for Cushing's and other things as well. This might be something other than Cushing's.

What are the chances two sisters would have this diagnosis?

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