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Sweetybandit's Story

Well, I'm not sure where to start really.

I think I have cushings syndrome. It started with swollen ankles looking like i had elephantitus and then i put on a stone in a month to which the doc said it was my age iwas 30 and then my periods stopped and i was 31 but he put that down to age too.

Then it was the feeling that everytime i got out of the bath i had fleas or something my skin was so itchy i started to lose hair i got a silvery tint on my skin on my arms and legs and the weight increased.

Then i got eye pain. The specialist past me on to have a scan for pcos and although my ovaries were round and enlarged i had no signs of cysts. The eye pain is unbearable and everytime i approached my gp who i swapped for several others for different opinions they said keep a food diary or get some exersize and stop eating the wrong foods which i wasnt started getting heart palpatations and dizzy spells even while i was laid down or waking up on a morning.

I searched for what swollen ovaries might mean but couldnt really find anything so i typed in pcos and underneath for similar symtoms was cushings. It didnt mention eye pain but then i found this site and it was.

I went to my doctyors and demanded a test and its taken 4 months but im now being reffered to a hospital im expecting it to be a slow process. I am now 37. Im hoping it is cushings odly enough just purely that i have an answer.

Mostly i would like to ask people if the have lost weight after treatment as its the most important thing to me as i used to be so bubbly and socible and now im isolating myself and feel dreadful. I used to be a uk size 10/12 now i am a size 24. I just want my life back.

(MaryO Note: Sweetybandit didn't give authorization to include her email address. Please contact her through the message boards.)

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