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Susan's Story...

I am a 38 year old mother of three, just a few short years ago I was a very healthy active woman. I had a great job and was having a great time in life I was saving money and was ready to buy a condo, I started working nights at a casino to make some extra money the late hours and atmosphere were starting to take a toll on my health, my legs started to ache and cramp.

I went to the dr and they said it was just from being on my feet too much the pain started to progress and I started to get discoloration in my calves and more pain they gave me pain pills and antidepressants, over time it got much worse I seen specialists and they all said that I had fibromyalgia, itreated with acupuncture, didn't do anything then I started to have panic attacks and ending up in the hospital feeling like I was dying, I had facial burning, and tingling in my arms and legs, insomnia, then over time my body started to change form.

I was gaining weight for no apparent reason my dr did numerous blood tests and everything came back normal but I knew that there was more to it than that. I treated for fibro symptoms but nothing seemed to work, yoga, weights until it was so unbearable that I could not function, I lost my job and ended up living with my boyfriend. it was horrable. it ruined our relationship and i ended up moving out dealing with this alone just my daughter and it has been very scary.

i filed for ssi two times and was denied and am now awaiting trial I have an attourney.

after years of seeing specialists and getting sicker and sicker and not knowing what was wrong with me they determined that I had osteoperosis, wow that is great. I had stress fractures in my spine and feet, i went back to see my dr and she did a 24hour urine on me and discovered that my cortisol levels were through the roof and sent me to an endocrinologist. he looked at me right away and said you definately had cushings 3 years of living hell and finally an answer, mri determined that I had a tumor on my adrenal gland and it had to be removed

I am thinking thank god I am going to be cured!! then I got an infection in my leg, cellulitus. how frickin painful. I couldn't walk it put me in the hospital and that postponed it for two weeks, well need less to say I had my surgery on the 26th of september and it went well, the hardest part now is the recovery. it is pure misery it feels almost like death some days my body has to get used to running off of alot less than it is used to, I am so naucious, and very tired and weak, the lord has been very good to me, I just keep reminding my self I am on the mend sometimes things are worse before they get better.

I can do. it the finances have been stressful because I have not been able to work and I am going to be laid up for some time, I have no idea how I got this horrable desease or how long I have had it I would never wish this disease on anyone it has been a living nightmare, I am just so greatful that it is treatable. I want to be able to have some quality in life once again and I know it will take time but I reamin optomistic, my blood pressure has already gone down and I have lost ten pounds it will be nice to be able to fit into my clothes and feel somewhat normal.

I have read so many biographys and feel for everyone who ahs suffered and not yet been diagnosed it is a very long journey when you feel so ill and hav no answers and not alot of support, or more than one disease to contend with god bless all that have encountered this horrable diseaes my heaart and soul go out to you all god bless

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