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Sue's Story

I am 28 years old and two months ago I was diagnosed with Cushing’s syndrome. Three years ago is when the weight gain started and started to notice a bump in the bottom back of my neck, I had high blood pressure and acne my doctor told me exercise more, correct my posture you need to come off birth control and go see a Dermatologist.

I had to change doctors due to insurance proposes, my new doctor had a clean slate and knew right away what my problem that was when the blood tests and MRI's started. I have found one of the top neurosurgeons in NY and will be scheduling a surgery date after the first of the year when my insurance changes over.

I just thought my problems were just a part of getting older (aches & pains tired, moody) and figured all this extra hair growth was because of my large Italian family.

Are what the doctors telling true? Are all these symptoms going to go away? O and I forgot to mention, on top of planning surgery I’ve also been planning a wedding for the past year. I hope I am not going to be planning the rest of my wedding from a hospital bed?

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