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Sarah V's Story

Like most of you, I was years begging for a diagnosis and finally, because a friend had had Cushings, I looked it up on internet and took it to my dr. and said "This is what I think I have and this is the test I want you to use to see." She agreed reluctantly but before I got that far, I went to the hospital for my 3rd kidney stone in 18 months.

The urologist who saw me asked me if I was taking a lot of cortisone and I told him I suspected Cushings and had been begging to see an endocrinologist for months. I saw one the next day and got my diagnosis.

Had surgery in March 03 and thought it was all over. Now I find I still have a bit that can't be removed by surgery and so will have radiation soon I guess. Meet with the Big Guys at Vanderbilt on Monday. it is SCARY!!!! I hope I did this right!

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