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Sarah's Story

I am writing to about my daughter Sarah. She is six years old. Every since she was a baby, she has been sickly, either with upper respitory..well; about three years ago a doc looked at my daughter and told me that she looked Cushingoid. She has the moon face and the hump, a dry skin, central obesity with protruding abdomen. She sometimes gets headaches..she is thirsty..and she has gotten irritable..and depressed about what she looks like.

I have more people look at my daughter and tell me they "think" she has Cushing's. Her cortisol levels are high the one time they checked her urine. Then a year and a half later they are ok..I am so confused and frustrated.

Sarah is a chronic asthmatic..she has been on meds now almost a year for that..but, in the meantime my daughter is 96lb.and gaining. I feel hurt for her and my heart is breaking. I don't know what to do. The doctors that she sees here are sending her to Shands in Gainsville, Fla. She is going to a endocronologist...the last time we were there they didn't take any tests or x-rays..all I am asking is for someone who may read this to write me and tell me what to do when your six year old daughter tells you..."mommy," I am ugly and fat. There is a problem, she tells me all the time that she different. Please help...Gina

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