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Sam M's Wife's Story...

My wife April, has Cushing's. Pituitary and both Adrenal Glands, one has been removed. Bipolar Disorders Spending Sprees, Writing Bad Checks, stealing money, Dramatic Mood Swings, Feelings hurt easily, 3 Family Court cases in 12 years for verbal abuse, with seperations. 3 Children with same problem of Cushings. Currently seperated by petition in Family Court for Verbal Abuse. Wife, April has gone to Social Security and taken charge of childrens money from my disability. My ailing mother is 88-years old and I have come to care for her as I have no other place to go.

My wife April, was a wonderful and caring person until about 12-years ago. She began stealing money and writing bad checks, over and over again and again. When I speak to her about it, she finds me to be abusive. Bank charges for overdrafts run between $400-$500 a month. Since June, 2004 to Dec 1, 2004 she has taken more than $56,000.00 from my retirement savings and has demanded the money from our childrens savings. She filed a petition in Family Court for verbal abuse and had me removed from our home. She then took a copy of the petition to Social Security and had my daughters money made payable to her. My daughter has called me wanting money for a new winter coat and I found out that I couldn't access her account any more, because my wife April has taken over the responsibility of my daughter's Social Security money. I doubt that my daughter will see much, if any of her money. My son is 21-years old and shows the exact symptoms and disorders of spending sprees and bad checks. I have provided him with more than $22,000 to cover his bills and bad checks since Jun 2004. I have nothing left to give. I was at the Social Security Office yesterday and it appears my wife April is now trying to attach my personal disbility payments. My wife April, collects $862.50 a week from her employer VERIZON, and will begin receiving her retirement pension for the same amount this week. My son who lives at home, has an income of approximately $1,000.00 a week. Neither my son or my wife pay bills, yet they are always needing money from me. It bothers me that my wife now has control of my daughters Social Security money of $800.00 a month. I'm at a wits end.

My wife is scheduled for surgery on Jan 22, 2005 to have her second adrenal gland removed at ALBERT EINSTIEN COLLEGE OF MEDICINE at MONTIFIERE HOSPITAL in New Yor, NY by endochronologist Dr. White. When the first adrenal gland was removed, it was the size of a sweet potatoe. Prior to this surgery, her blood pressure was very high and off the charts. She was taken to VALLEY HOSPITAL in Ridgewood, NJ where 4-stints were put in her heart. During the 3rd operation to install the 3rd stint, she went into cardiac arrest twice and had to be shocked back to life. The stint was removed and a longer stint prepared and inserted to get through 2-blockages.

In November my son had an apendicitus attack and required surgery to remove his appendix. While at the hospital to be with him, my wife had a heart attack. She was kept overnight and to be released the next day. Just prior to being released, she had another heart attack and was again kept over night. The next morning, with a cardiologist and staff on board, she was transported to VALLEY HOSPITAL in Ridgewood, NJ where a 5th-stint has been installed.

Her health is so fightening. I am not allowed to call her, email her, write her or have any communications with her, by court order of Family Court. I have no more money. She has taken charge of my daughters money and I can't bail her out of bad checks again as I have nothing left. My son has numberous bad checks to be paid, but I have nothing left to help him. I recently this summer, paid off $1,248.00 to Wal-Mart where he wrote 4-checks within less than an hour. As of December 3rd, 2004 I knew of 5-checks he had out that had bounced and I had nothing left to give him or my wife. On December 6th, 2004 the County Sherrif came with the petition from Family Court to have me removed. I had 3-dollars in my pocket. I went to a freinds house and stayed three days, until my Social Security check came in our roadside mailbox. I rushed over and got it, before my wife got to the mailbox. I used that money to travel to Oklahoma to be with my ailing 88-year-old mother. I have not seen my mother in 16-years. Although there has been money in our household, I was not permitted by my wife to use the money to come see my mother. So when she had me put out of the house this 3rd-time, I came to be with my mother.

I myself am not in good health as I suffer from degenerative disc disease. Making the trip down to Oklahoma from New York was very hard on me and I've not recovered from the trip yet. I am to be back in New York on March 16th, 2005 to attend Family Court, but I am not in good health for the trip and I really don't want to leave my ailing mother. I have no plans to return back to New York.

I have suffered terribly through this ordeal of Cushings my wife is going through. I would like to wake up and find that this has all been a bad dream, but I know it isn't so. To further complicate this situation, my wife has a freind Karen who also appears to have Cushings, and she advises my wife on ways to get more money. She had her husband put out of their home to get her son's Social Security money paid to her. She also went back and told Social Security that the money her husband had previously received, had not been used for their son and Social Security cut off her husbands payments and sent them to Karen for a year. Her husband lived in a homeless shelter for the year and became a mental case. After their son turned eighteen, and the Social Security money stopped coming, she then ask her husband to come back home. He's back home with Karen, but he's practically a vegetable. Karen takes his monthly check and he has no life of his own.

I am so confused and lost over this situation. I turned to your website as an outlet, I needed to get it all out of my system and share my story with others who may have fallen victim to Cushings Syndrome. Thanks for listening.

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