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Renea's Pictures

I feel like sharing these so that people can see that people who are already on the heavy side - genetically predisposition to be big anyway, have a large bone structure - I was never smaller than 22/24 at any time in my life (probably 260 or 275 but remember I am tall) can get Cushing's too.

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May 1993 Senior I believe my Cushing's was starting....the hump was slowly starting to appear and I had terrible depression/mood swings[Photographer: Renea's family]

September 1996 I had spent the summer working outdoors....I felt at my best physically...but I worked a job where I walked about ten miles a day in the heat of summer....but the moonface and hump had begun....[Photographer: Renea's family]

Christmas 1996 .....round face and hump, truncal obesity was just mainly a glob of fat where I had lost weight/gained weight/lost weight, etc. Cushing's not in full bloom yet....[Photographer: Renea's family]

March 13, 1999 My wedding day [Photographer: Renea's family]

Christmas. Christmas 1999 (left) and Christmas 1998 (right)[Photographer: Renea's family]

July 2000 2 weeks before DJ was born (he weighed 11 lbs 4 oz, mind you though)[Photographer: Renea's family]

February at my thinnest after 2 kids and I believe my Cushing's was in full bloom.... [Photographer: Renea's family]

September 2001 Libby's 3rd birthday party.....full-blown Cushing's....moon face, acne, buffalo hump, facial flushing, sweating all the time.....[Photographer: Renea's family]

Christmas 2001 ...Raging Cushing's......obvious in the truncal obesity......among all the other symptoms...[Photographer: Renea's family]

Christmas 2001 Another Christmas 2001 with my mom and brother[Photographer: Renea's family]

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