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10 Questions Every Cushing's Patient Should Ask...

Adapted From The Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer's Institute to be relevant for Cushing's Patients.

  1. What specific type of Cushing's do I have? What stage? What does that mean?
  2. What are all my treatment options?
  3. Are there any clinical research studies underway for my Cushing's? What are the studies investigating? On what research are these based? What "phase" studies are they and what do you hope to accomplish?
  4. Are all the medical personnel, endocrinologists, neurologists and Cushing's-specific surgeons on staff at this hospital/center certified by national boards in their specialty of Cushing's?
  5. What is your specialty? What treatment alternatives would your colleagues in other specialties recommend? How many patients like me do you see a year? What kinds of complications are you seeing?
  6. Can I have my case reviewed by a multidisciplinary team (that is, a team of Cushing's experts from different areas who will jointly review my case)?
  7. What services are available for me and my family beyond treatment? (Such as patient educational programs, support groups, complementary therapies, and counseling.)
  8. How long will I have to be treated? Will I be able to work during my treatment?
  9. What are the success rates of the treatment for my type of Cushing's and what are/how common are the side effects (such as fatigue or pain) and complications for the treatment(s) you recommend? Are there medicinal or other ways to overcome these side effects or complications?
  10. What can I expect for quality of life for the short term and long term? What should I be doing for my family/loved ones?
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