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Pam's Story

This is really strange. It come on fast. My husband and I bought and old farmhouse. We started remodeling it in July. I was working on the house and running my kennel, plus taking care of kids, etc.

I got a terrible sore neck, I thought from redoing the living room ceiling, felt like a train hit me.For days I could hardly move.

Went to faimly DR. after 3 weeks of felling awful and because I had a big muscle bulging on back of my neck. I was using ice but it would not go down. She sent me for a mri on it, and a cbc blood test. The test were not back on friday night and I went to ER because of neck spasm.

ER doc called lab and got results. Blood looked good, thyroid looked good and mri showed fat ty like mass. He said I look like cushings. On July 4th I weighed 125 lbs, now I weigh 155.

My DR. Is testing me. So far high cortisol levels and to see a Endo. in Dec. My symptoms are there, I just never put them all together.

By the way, putting ice on a buffalo hump won't shrink it. lol.

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