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Nicole's Story

HI, my name is NIcole. I am a 23 Year old single mother of 2 young daughters.

I don't have the diagonos of Cushings yet but I truly believe I may have it. I have been to the doctor several times for a hump on the back of my neck. The doctor told me just to stand up stright and the hump would go away. After doing hours of looking around on the internet I found a picture of the hump. It looks exactly like the one pictured and that person had cushings. My hair is falling out, it used to be 3 times as thick as it is now. I am exercising regularly and still gaining weight around my tummy.

I cant ruf house with my kids because if I get poked in the ribs it hurts so bad. I am tired all the time and I have pritty bad neck pain all the time. I can't get anyone to listen to me about my worries.

Does anyone have any ideas that may help?

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