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Nessa's Story

I was diagnosed with an adenoma (tumor) in the pituitary. I've had numerous MRIs done over the course of 4 years now and the last one was showing the tumor to be bigger. I was put on medication to try to shrink the tumor when it was first found, but it hasn't helped.

The symptoms I have been having have gotten worse over the past year and I truly believe I have Cushings. My last doctor visit was on Oct. 16, '07 to a new doctor to try to have tests done to determine if I have the disease. I have been upset ever since the visit. I had quite a few papers to fill out before I arrived for my appointment and there were quite a few questions that I answered Yes to (all pertaining to the disease).

Instead of recommending tests to determine if the disease is present, I was advised that I needed to have Bariatric Surgery (gastrointestinal bypass). I will not have this surgery done! That is not the problem causing these symptoms.

I wished there were some doctors who had more concern for the patient and what's going on inside of them than what they see on the outside.

My condition seems to be getting worse and I need some help.

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