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Natasha's Story...

This all started for me about 10 years ago.

Never had a weight problem, had my daughter in 93 and was about a size 6 about a month after she was born. About 8-10 months later I weighed over 200 pounds.

Was diagnosed with diabetes and everything has went downhill from there. I'm on my 3rd endocrinologist now and still no relief. I feel absolutely horrible everyday. I am mentally and physically exhausted. My symptoms seem to be getting worse. I don't have periods anymore, severe and embarassing hirutism, purple stretch marks, weight gain, thinning skin and easy bruising, my blood pressure is slowly increasing and I haven't slept a whole night in months.

My newest symptom is vision problems especially with my peripheral vision. I follow a strict diabetic diet but continue to gain weight.

In 96 I was diagnosed with PCOS without any tet being done and tried the pill, glucophage and spirolactone with no improvement at all. I am so tired of being told that it's my weight or depression.

I have had a dexamethasone blood test which came back elevated and a 24 hour urine that came back normal so she is saying that I don't have this. I am at a loss.

I looked at the list of doctors on this web site and I have an appointment in April (2007) with Dr. Korableva. Hope she's good. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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