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Natalie F's Story...

Where does one start with a disorder that sneaks up like this?!?

About 4 years ago, my hair started falling out (and growing back frizzy! ugh!) - 'stress and sleep dep', the doctor said.

Unexplained high BP and Cholesterol - 'genetic weakness triggered by stress', the doctor says again.

Short term memory loss, mood swings - 'stress and sleep dep' again?!?

Unwanted hair growth - 'well, you DO have a high testosterone level', doc says
...a few years later... weight gain, hair growth, diabetes, no periods, broken bones...
.... and suicidal-type thoughts starting to float around, at the prospect of another 30 or 40 YEARS of CONSTANT PAIN!!!

"Hey Doc! If it's not tttoooooooo much trouble, mind if we actually find the CAUSE of all of this?!?!?!?! Gimme a referral to an Endocronologist, Please!"

ONE APPOINTMENT - "I believe you have Cushings', Natalie". One round of blood/urine tests... confirmed!

NOW there's an end in sight!
NOW I can *do* something about it!
NOW I don't feel like a hypochondriac!
NOW I can give myself permission to rest without feeling like a lazy sod!
NOW I can explain to my kids why I didn't feel up to doing the things they wanted!

That's the abridged version of 'Nat's story - so far' LOL

I've an MRI booked for tomorrow (ooooops! Today! hahahhaha), and - at the follow-up appointment on March 7th (earlier if I can grab a cancellation), we should get arrangements for surgery sorted. :-)

If I can just get these broken bones in my feet to heal... and start up walking again... I can - with much pleasure! - ditch these 'fat clothes'?!?!

I'm too young to be so wide!! hahahahahahah

Good luck to us all! :)

Natalie's pictures can be found on her website at

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