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Mrs Smith's Story

Oh man, where to begin. I can barely remember when my body and mind was normal. I suppose high school--perfect size, perfect skin, full head of hair. Perfect grades from one of the toughest engineering colleges in the world. Those days are so long gone. I didn't want to be a parent in college so I went on various "the pill"(s) for years. I discontinued finally because I was tired of being depressed. I immediately lost weight and began to be happier again.

This was when I was 21: One winter I was hit with an awful bout of bronchitis which took forever to heal, and I started a triphasic pill soon afterwards for a new relationship. Within 3 weeks I had gained 4 dress sizes and was screaming at everyone. We switched to the shot depo-provera, which I know now is a steriod, but I was such a dumb-bunny. 2 shots and maniacal rages & another size gain later, I did not go back for the next shot. I bled for 45 days straight. Doctors called me psychotic--I was halluctinating about the blood! Okay!

Finally quit bleeding and lost the weight strangely enough. Began to feel normal again. Then summer came, and I "bloated" up again. All these times, the weight would only pack on in the abdomen...up to 4" waist size larger but only like 5 on the scale, really!! Was wearing a size 12 US at 5-5 and 132 pounds (like 31" waist). I noticed my face looked awfully "fat" in photographs. I started an exercise regime and lost the weight again, but I also noticed I had more and more trouble getting up in the morning. My work schedule got pushed back by ME to start at 9 or 10 a.m. instead of 8. This was unusual for me at the time.

A year or so went by, I still couldn't wake up, and so switched to evening shift work. Then I noticed after getting a particular hair-do, that my hair was not as dense in the front anymore!!! My Julia Roberts hair was going AWOL!!! I chalked it up to genetics and decided to live with it. Then my acne, which had started on depo and then subsided, came back. All the while I'm getting up later & later in the day, and sleeping more and more. Then that summer (now 3 years since depo) I got married and moved and was hit with another bout of bronchitis. This one took a month to go away. Keep in mind I'm 25 then!

I started to lose hair from my "crown" also at this point and I got skin & feminine funguses and bruises all the time. I also bloated back up 5 sizes again, but only in the waist and only 8 scale pounds.

I went to an internist who tested me negative for thyroid and onto a reproductive endo who said it was insulin-resistance and put me on metformin. The acne improved but I was screaming all the time and MORE tired. He wanted to add dexamethasone since my DHEA had shot through the roof but I refused at the time, worried about further weight gain. I discontinued treatment due to insurance, and started the IR diet. It hasn't helped. I am still exhausted all the time, still have acne, still shed constantly.

8 months ago a new and completely devastating one started--I am losing my short-term memory! I had to drop out of the classes I was taking because I couldn't concentrate. Couldn't seem to read. Couldn't remember simple math or do it. I'm 137 pounds at 5-5 and wear a 14 now..(37"-34.5-37). The 37's were there since I was 15, only the waist ever changes. Like a fat apple! My face looks so bloated. Doctors have told me I'm psychotic and need prozac and rogaine and the pill. That I'm "normal" and my labs are to die for. I feel like I'm dying sometimes. I go to bed at 9 pm and still drag all day and my libido is nonexistant; hubby hates it. A new doctor has finally agreed to the 24 hour cortisol and some salivary cortisols during the day & night, so we'll see.

Oh, and I even quit drinking "coke" in favor of plain old water and I gained even more weight and got more tired.

My story is long, sorry, I just wanted others to know they're not alone if they've experienced this! Sorry for spelling--can't seem to spell or write or think coherently much anymore.

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