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Monique's Story

As most of the bios I have read, my diagnosis was also not immediate.

I experienced most of the symptoms for 2-3 years before being diagnosed in 2003. Initially I thought my fatigue and weight gain was due to the social life I was leading as a first year university student living in a hostel.

But, over the years up until my diagnosis, random symptoms and health issues kept cropping up. I was embarassed by the regular red hot flushes, the sweating, heavy fatigued eyes, constipation (only going every week-10days began to be accepted!), aching face which I originally thought may have been my wisdom teeth coming through.

I even went to a dermatologist to tackle my acne problem. However, the dermatologist overlooked my excessively high blood pressure, increased body/facial hair, moon face, depression and put me on a very harsh medication, Roaccutane, for 6 months. The side effects of roaccutane coupled with the symptoms of cushings disease made life miserable. Even at the 2 monthly check-ups with the dermatologist, she insisted to stick with it even though it was not making much difference with the acne issue. I began to be paranoid about the progressive central weight gain. I would run twice/day trying to tackle inevitable weight gain.

But I do believe some things happen for a reason; in 2003, I fell from a roof fracturing my back. In being admitted to hospital and realising my excessive high blood pressure, they decided to monitor my blood pressure for 1 month post my accident to make sure it was only due to the stress of the fall. When my blood pressure did not receed back to acceptable level, the GP referred me to an endocrinologist. And from here the diagnosis unravelled after many tests.

They resected my pituitary adenoma trans-sphenoidally. I was on hydrocortisone (replacement therapy) for 6 months post surgery until my pituitary regained its function. Life is definitely better although my immunity has never been the same since. It is now 4 years since my surgery and I still seem to acquire most bugs around me. My memory is quite apalling. GeneralIy I still fatigue much more easily than I did before life with cushings. But hopefully things just gradually keep improving. But hey, when you really evaluate life, there are many people that are worse off than yourself.

Please feel free to email me with any questions. If anyone else is experiencing ongoing health issues post cushings please e-mail.

All the very best,


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