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Mindy's Story

Hello - My name is Mindy. I have yet to be officially diagnosed. I have been seeking treatment for near 3 years. I have seen multiple DR's all mentioning a pituitary tumor and/or Cushing. All performing blood an urine analysis. All tests returning without conclusiveness.

I went from a 26 inch waist and a working model to a 40 inch waist unable to work for a year now. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism 2 years back. I was taking multiple pills for multiple symptoms, with no decrease in any one symptom. I Stopped taking Synthroid a month back. I stopped gaining weight and holding fast at 50 above normal. I have incorporated extreme excersize and weight lifting into my daily routine. My symptoms are to the extreme.

Aside from sever andominal bloating, I have a good sized buffalo hump, trunk like neck and fishbowl face. I have large pockets of fluid collecting at my collar bone. Oddly I have increase breast size from a 34B to a 38C, but the oddest is my breasts produce a milky fluid. I am 38, yet never been pregnant. I ceased birth control about 2 years ago and have a IUD. I have ceased all menstration. Under normal cicumstances I would not mind the lack of periods and the big boobies, but considering how I got them..........take them back.

I purchased and read Garniers "My Battle with Cushing's Disease" and found this website. I had given up all hope of ever getting back my body and life.....until I read her book and this websites message board. I cried for quite a while from shear joy that I was not alone. I am not crazy. I registered lickity split. Thank you to everyone who posted their story, questions, and answers. You gave me back hope.

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