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Hello My name is Michel-lee I'm a young fun loving outing going 40 year old , I started gaining weight about 5 years ago I thought it was stress and just choosing unhealthy eating habits I guess you arn't a size 3 for ever are you *sigh* I blamed my Birth control pills for the semi high blood pressure and the facial hair on my chin and upper lip and a few scraggley ones on my neck , thank goodness for waxing I also have the moon face and about 8 months ago my daughter and husband said I have a slight hump on the back upper shoulder blades , I always prided my self for having good posture I also get asked a lot if I'm pregnate Uhhh no my baby is 13 I guess I can't use I'm trying to lose my baby weight anymore or can I ? *wink* I haven't been tested for Cushing yet but I hope to find some answers soon to this madness . I 've been on anti depressives but to tell you the truth I don't think I need them I still feel bad and fat and ugly but more in a comatose state got to love being drugged up . I try to keep a happy upbeat outloo on life but as the years are going by I'm having a harder time appearing like everything is fine and dandy It's not and I want off this rollercoaster ride

Hello all ! My name is Michel-lee I'm a fun loving outgoing sometime silly 40 year old. I haven't been dianosed with Cushings yet but hopefully I'll have the answers and test done next month to tell me if I do . My insurance kickes in effect Feb 1st . I've been gaining weight ever since I hit 32 I guess you can't be a size 3 forever* sigh* my highest weight right now is 194 which is huge for my small frame and short stature I'm a tad shy of 5 "4 I have the typical moon face , budda belly and now that buffalo hump.... thanks Hubby and daughter for bringing that to my attention . I was depressed before now I'm even more depressed thinking i 'm going to be one of those hunchback older ladies , I also blamed my b/c pills for the rise in my blood pressure and the extra facial hair growing on my chin, upper lip and a few scragglies on my neck purhaps all that is happening because of a deeper problem . I'm tired of this wild and scary rollercoaster ride please let me off I can't hang upside down forever

Hello, I'm a lively chattey love to be around people 40 year old mother of 2 talented children , My oldest just turned 21, my youngest is 13 both are exceling in each their own sport my 21 year old is a gymnest who made the Mens oylmpic team and my daughter is a graceful strong ice iceskater , I've been trying to lose weight now the past 4 years I don't want to be the fat mom at my kids sporting events , I have a lot of the symptons of cushings , the Moon face , the protuding belly I get mistaken for being pregnate all the time if I hear Pregnate woman have the prettest complections I'm going to scream lol baby is 13 I don't think I can use "I'm working on my baby fat" anymore or can I ?*wink* I also have some facial hair growing like a few hairs on my chin a light woman mustash no I'm not italian and a few hairs in the oddest places like on my neck and also around my nipples I pluck those in private , also have the buffalo hump my husband and daughter pointed that out to me a few months ago Gee thanks Guys I love you too I feel like I'm turning into a freak or a monster I also get panic attacks from time to time mild depression and elevated blood pressure I blamed those on my B/c pills which I no longer take my blood pressure has improved a little bit since i stopped taking them but I get very moody and now have severe PMS which is so not like me . I want off this Roller coaster ride

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