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Mattie's Story...

Born in St. Jo, Mo; lived on Long Island most of my life, now transplanted due to husband's job in Marietta, GA. A whole new world

1973 Went to Mayo and they offered me pituitary surgery due to hi prolactin, thyroidectomy w/hemorrhaging multi nodulars; other Cushing's symptoms...they told me I would develop full Cushing's soon. I had suffered Cushing's symptoms forever prior to Mayo visit and since.....since that time I have had Gall bladder operation and been diagnosed high blood pressure and w/Osteoarthritis since 40yrs old. Pain everywhere...most doctors treated me for everything but Cushing's...didn't seem to know what to do with me...

No one did CT scan of adrenals until recently as pre-op for bilateral total knee replacement surgery and they found, surprise, tumors and kidney they are excited. I am not recovering well from knee surgery and cant get rid of pain...trying another endo dr. who is on your board list of doctors...hope he is more meantime would love to hear from everyone and I think I am unique to have Cushing's for over 40yrs and doing as well as I am...but worried about adrenal crisis as I must have had a miracle to survive the knee surgery without one.....!!!!


Attached are two pictures for my bio.
The first one is ten years ago
The second one is two years ago.

I am not hunched up in the second is part of my Cushing's hump peeking out for all to see....and my very, very red cheeks are hidden by tons of makeup. After all, it was a wedding I was attending.

This year I would not let anyone take my picture..

My operation to have bilateral knee replacements Nov 02; made me go completely to total grey hair when I woke from the anesthesia and I lost most of my hair (it is still falling out) and I lost 25lbs. My husband tries to make me feel better by saying that I lost some of my hump with that 25lbs; but it is still there.

ten years ago [Photographer: Mattie's family]

ten years ago [Photographer: Mattie's family]

I have submitted two pictures for my bio. I would say they really show Cushing's development over the years.

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