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Jessie's Story

Mary Beth E-Mail Address: Board Name: mbjos Email - May people e-mail you?: checked City: Hazleton State: Pennsylvania Counrty: usa Update: Introduction Pituitary - Pituitary: checked My Comments: Hi, Tried posting Bio several months ago,wrote the whole story and then lost it . To tired to resubmit, so trying again. I'm an R.N. and worked in Short Procedure Unit until eight months ago. About 8 yrs, ago diagnosised with Hyperthyroidism, went to see an endoMD, should have been losing weight but instead gain weight and could not lose it. Many other symptoms appeared(small changes)but I contruibe it to hysterectomy(menopausal) or thyroid. Got so discussed went to a weight loss MD.He did tons of lab work and found the increased cortisol. He contributed to stress. Eventually lost 24lbs but nothing more(Everyone here Knows the drill). Cortisol level came down but ever to normal. In Feburary of this year ,after more blood work, endo came into the room and said he thought I have Cushing! Haven't heard of this since training. He absolutely flood me. More tests followed,MRI was neg,no tumor seen.But he insisted I had Cushing ,and sent me of to Dr. Post in NYC. IPSS followed ,levels off the wall! After reseaching I realized I had lots of sym. But nothing in the extreme. Even Dr. Post said I didn't look like the typical Cushing pt. Had surgury on June 9th and almost 3 mths post-op.First I was put on hydrocortisone-20 am, 10pm,but was having episodesof palpitation,sweats dizzy extreme tireness. called endo and he switch me to predisone 5mg. Was doing ok but every once in a while having same sym. Increased to 5am and 2.5 pm. three weeks ago. Last week while shopping you can say I ran into a brick wall. I had to sit down and rest. As the nite progressed started having palpitation etc. Called endo and was told at the highest dose of predisone, just monitor sym. A question to any post surgury pt. Is this normal ? Can't find any post-op info as far as recovery. Thanks and sorry this was so long------------------ Mary Beth

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