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Marilyn S' Story...

I will be turning 50 years old in November of this year (2004). I have suffered from, what to most, would be normal aging health problems. Over the past 14 years I have insisted, to a host of different doctors, that something is just not right. I have been told I needed to lose weight, exercise, use antidepressants, get into therapy.

Finally the endocrinologist that I saw 10 years ago did a several blood tests, one of which was for the growth hormone. Several following blood tests did, in fact, indicate I had a pituitary tumor. Due to the length of time that I have gone undiagnosed the tumor was large in size making the surgery possibly less successful in removing all of the tumor. Thankfully the tumor had not gotten into the brain tissue, missing by millimeters.

I had the surgery in November of 2003. I was fortunate to find a skilled surgeon in the Greater Cincinnati area that was experienced in this type of surgery. He announced that he felt he had removed all of the tumor but blood work would be the proof. To date that appears to be the case.

However, I do still suffer from exhaustion and muscle aches. I am hoping the tiredness will pass eventually and would love to hear from anyone that has had this surgery themself. The muscle aches will more than likely be something I have to live with since the bone enlargement does not reverse itself. I encourage anyone that has that strong feeling inside of them that the symptoms they are having is not right to continue pursuing answers. My determination saved my life.

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