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Lynette's Story...

I was told of my tumor 9 mos ago after years of being told nothing was wrong. Even now i still make breast milk for a 5 year old. Not discharge but could sit and breast feed if need be. No monthley for 5 years now, I take fasten et once a day if that but still seem to avoid all the mirrors.

I am 31 the town we live in is very small. At times i get to feel like i dont care any more. The first doctor told me and when i started to cry she walked out of the room and onley sent the nurse back with a appt for nero, serg. that went even better he came in grabed the fat around my hips and asked if thats new. After told me to drop my drawers loked at the hair and said its nothing to worrie about.

its a 4mm tumor. im on no meds and never feel good it onley get worse as days go on. i get bruses that look like someone hit me with a baseball bat and they are black. My eyes go cross by the end of the day. I have a lump on my rib cage thats as big as a fist when i tell the doctor how much it herts she says its nothing and cant hert. I just wish someone would take it out.

I never leave the house ever somedays i just sit and cry i dont know how to stop everyone asks what im bawling for and i just dont know why. I wish i knew what to do.

Ever doctor iv see acts like im anoying them y comming there. I have 4 great children.They are what keep me going. I lost to other children and a husband a few years ago.

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