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Lovisa's Story...

Thanks to my family, I didn´t give up. Doctors and and others aften told me I was imagining all of my symptoms. Boy, were they wrong... actually, the doctor who unsolved the mystery of me, was one of those who did not believe in me. She told me I was a hypocondric!

It all started in my early teenage years with mood swings that troubled my mother deeply. As a child, I was always happy and laughing, but I became a different person and cried all of the time the older I got. I started having back pains, severe acne, aching wrists and so on. I slept every hour of the day, whether I was at home or in school. I started going to doctors but they could only find different symptoms and not the cause of them. In my college years, I learned I suffered from PCOS and a check up later led til the unsolvement of my Cushing.

I had surgery a year ago and the doctors kept telling me I did not look at all like a typical cushing patient. Perhaps because of my youth? This last years I have been living in complete hell, I got depressed due to the operation and it was only in the beginning of this autumn I started feeling better.

Today, I feel much better and I have great hope for the future. I can see that my experiences have not been all bad, I can make use of them in time to come and I know I have great strength and is very special. At the same time, I have been blessed with a possibility to live - otherwise I might not have been here today.

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